Triumphant (Needs DRUMS)

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Something I did a while back, but I desperately need drums for it. The timing isn't perfect, but this is my best chance for finding someone who could add drums to it. Thanks ahead of time!
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COOL :)+1
March 30 2015 06:35:49
Haffast Thank you very much!
Wikiloops is my only hope to ever hear it with real drums!
March 30 2015 06:47:19
Keiton Maybe would someone play the drums. You should wait a little more. I think it a very wonderful when the drums are added to this song :) +1
March 30 2015 15:39:40
Haffast I will give it time. It's on here. It is not going anywhere... :-) +1
Lenny Cowler
very good, what is BPM?:)+1
March 30 2015 07:03:04
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Lenny, I have no idea what it'd be. I recorded the base track without a metronome on and my rhythm isn't that great, so it's not steady, unfortunately.

It just started as noodling around, then I added more layers without ever correcting the underlying timing issues.
March 30 2015 07:05:25
Lenny Cowler
Haffast If I had to guess, I'd say in the neighborhood of 60 bpm, but I've tried to add drums through a few programs I have and I was never able to reconcile the timing discrepancies in it. It's not TOO bad, but it's not great. +1
March 30 2015 17:21:54
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler ok, but it's not from me might not work out well:) +1
March 30 2015 17:25:07
Lenny Cowler
Haffast I completely understand :) +1
March 30 2015 14:18:23
Haffast Thanks! This was something that was never intended to turn into anything complete, but I kept adding to an unstable foundation. +0
Stryper ,hair metal..sounds great .D+1
March 30 2015 17:23:46
Haffast Stryper, huh? I can dig that! Thanks a lot!

To be honest, I'd been listening to a lot of Dragon's Kiss at the time, and this was somewhat inspired by Thunder March - even if in the only one who can hear it... :)
March 30 2015 17:34:19
GoneUser_200920 Maybe Stryper is a bit on hold the extra cheese .Marty F is much more technical and dynamic which makes it more listenable .Let me dig out my 90s kit .D +1
March 30 2015 17:57:32
Haffast I wish I were anywhere near as technical as Marty, but I can't get enough of his solo stuff for the last year or two! I've always been convinced this track could be one of my best if I had the drums in place before I started recording it all. +0
March 30 2015 19:53:02
Haffast Thanks Cody! It's always been one of my favorites! +1
I like this piece man. It reminds me of Cacophony. Very killer guitar playing on this track.+1
March 30 2015 23:32:28
Haffast Wow! Thanks King! That's a HUGE compliment! I was just telling Drumshticks that I had been jamming on a LOT of Dragon's Kiss and this was unofficial tribute to Thunder March. so for you to say that means at least SOME of it must have bled through..

Thanks again!
March 31 2015 03:48:27
King1971 Ive always been a huge fan of Becker and Friedman. Although it most likely doesnt show up in my playing style. Shawn Lane is my favorite guitarist ever though. I also like Chris Poland from OHM very much too. +1
March 31 2015 04:02:02
Haffast The last couple years, I've been ALL about Marty. His solo stuff blows my mind. Wish I could get the hang of those pre-bends and those "off" notes he's mastered, but at least in making some small progress on the vibrato because of it. I just wish Becker had done more before the ALS.

Fun fact: You can fit ALL of Dragon's Kiss AND Perpetual Burn on one, 80 minute CD.

And it's about the best CD ever!
March 31 2015 01:26:20
Haffast Thank you! All style and little substance! :) +0
You got talent my friend... this kicks a$$ !!+1
Love it ! Fantastic Brian May sounding! WOW!:)+1
April 02 2015 04:48:14
Haffast Wow! Thank you very much! That's a HUGE compliment! +0
Thank you VERY much, Psycho! I greatly appreciate that! I'm not the only one though... I've heard some of your music as well.+0
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