A Broken Soul

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Psycho821 jams
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Lyric: Its dark and evil I don't know what happened My demons have taken over cold feeling of empty soul So I sit in darkness and everything is lost and everything disappears When it isnt me and you I am hurt and broken because I am not with you So I sit in darkness and everything is lost and everything disappears Psycho adds: It was a pleasure to play on one of your songs again Mish... till next time ;)
Tagged as / Sounds like:
ballad, soul, keys, guitar, vocal, solo


very good Psycho:)+1
March 30 2015 23:19:24
Lenny Cowler
Psycho How did my reply get on top of yours ?? +5
Very nice addmate+1
March 30 2015 07:30:05
Psycho Thanks Lairdy. I've heard it so much tonight I can't tell anymore.. maybe fresh ears after some rest will help... LOL !! +1
March 30 2015 07:46:21
onewholeft Have you joined my facebook group yet ? +1
March 30 2015 13:03:15
Psycho Not yet, I can't keep up... but I plan on it !! +0
love it Psycho!! Very very nice guitar add, thank you!:)+1
March 30 2015 13:01:55
Psycho :) :) +1
March 30 2015 23:17:34
Psycho I couldn't pass this one up cody. Thank you very much !! +0
Thanks for the Show!! awesome duo!! perfectisimo! :)+1
March 30 2015 23:15:23
Psycho Dang woXey, I'm turning red man. Thank you very much... all you guys input is so thoughtful. (how does one make a crying smiley) +0
Very dark - I hope you are both feeling better now. Guitar sound fits well with the song.+1
March 30 2015 23:10:26
Psycho Great compliment from you TG. I'm ok... Mish is the one who made me sad :) +1
Very nice add Mr. Psycho...;)+1
March 30 2015 23:08:40
Psycho I prefer Dr. Psycho :O LOL... thank you very much Gi ;) +1
March 31 2015 13:21:43
GiLang yeah, sound cool if i call u Dr.Psycho, treat with music...:) +1
March 30 2015 23:06:42
Psycho Thank You so much Balfo !! +0
Great song you two!!! Great guitar mate!!! Very emotive solos.+1
March 30 2015 23:05:34
Psycho Well, I sure appreciate your words G ;) +0
Hey there, Psycho! Cool guitar!+1
March 30 2015 23:46:05
Psycho Your very kind... thank you pk !! +0

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