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March 31 2015 00:13:59
nice :) ... watch the looping ! i can hear a glitch and the loops is not very well rounded ... cool soft sounds :)
+0 March 31 2015 00:19:25 OliVBee Torea
yeah ... i did wrong when i recorded the song...i'll try to watch this tomorrow.

Thanks for your comment :)
March 30 2015 22:23:07
Cool. Welcome!

March 30 2015 22:04:01
Good skanky vibes peace !!!
positiv vibration on da wikiloop ground
welcome in da board bredda

+1 March 30 2015 22:12:24 Roux Torea
Thank's man ! If you have any suggestions, I take it yep
March 30 2015 22:17:34 Roux Roux
I'm a novice in mao, my suggestion is to do what we want cause music creation is free ! I think u know it so you already know the best, because i heard that u got fun playing/making this :)
If u wanna we can try to make some skanky reggae tune together =D
March 30 2015 22:22:04 Roux Torea
Ya man sure ! I'm new too (but i'm not really use MAO, i have only a loop station). If we can make something together it'll be cool man !
For sure, make music for fun !! ha :)
March 31 2015 00:11:59 Roux OliVBee
my suggestion would be : try to use panoramics in a less radical way ;) ... your bass should sit in the middle ;)
March 31 2015 00:26:26 Roux Torea
OlivBee, j'ai vu que tu es de nationalité française, peux-tu redonner ton conseil en français, stp, là j'ai un peu du mal avec l'anglais ... :p dsl
March 31 2015 00:29:25 Roux OliVBee
moins radical sur les pans ! la basse au milieu c'est toujours une bonne idée ... les autres pistes peuvent se répartir entre 10 et 30% gauche/droite
March 31 2015 00:33:13 Roux Torea
Merci, c'est noté. Je regarderai ce que je peux faire :)
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