Without You (Again)

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Maybe I overdid this one (too), but the work on the base track by Lenny and Acoustic was one of the most beautiful things I've heard on here yet - and that's saying something!
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Beautiful piano, Over produced guitar


That's great+1
March 31 2015 03:16:56
Haffast Thank you very much! +0
Now that's tone my friend... excellent job !!+1
March 31 2015 03:16:36
Haffast Thank you! That's my favorite setting. I think of it as my "Modern 80's" tone. :) +0
Very nice I like :)+1
March 31 2015 03:14:24
Haffast Thank you very much! +0
Wow!!! Awesome add Haffast:)+1
March 31 2015 13:37:34
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thank you so much Lenny! It was such a beautiful track to start. Very honored to be able to add a remix to it. :) +1
Well done!+1
March 31 2015 13:35:15
Haffast Thank you very much! +0
nicely done track+1
April 01 2015 03:20:46
Haffast Thank you very much. When I started, I didn't pay attention to how LONG it was. :)

Kinda ran out of material Early on...
A wwonderous piece of work...!!+1
April 02 2015 04:49:29
Haffast Thank you very much! It was a beautiful piece of work when I started my part. I'm a sucker for piano! :) +0
great guitar!+1
April 02 2015 04:50:36
Haffast Thank you very much carpenter! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) +0
Extrememly melodic playing and love the tones. It's a great listen 'cuz you know "it's" coming but there's that sneaky bit around 3:00 min that makes you wait for the wickedness :) the harmony on the arpeggios at 5:30 are very cool :)+1
April 05 2015 04:34:56
Haffast Thank you SO MUCH, Dan! I appreciate the compliments and attention to what I was going for. you completely get what I'm shooting for in this. That first part around the halfway point that went into the clean tone was about trying to not shoot my proverbial load. :)

I still struggle with the same 3-4 arpeggios every time despite the thousands and thousands of times I've tried to get them right (big Yngwie fan). This is true whether they're picked or swept.

Really, the feel at the 3:59 mark is my favorite in almost track I ever do - that "soaring note" feel. Makes me think of Gilmour.

Thank you again kind sir!
Perfect. Really love this track :)+1

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