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Been quite a few days since I uploaded as I've been away a lot plus still been suffering wrist issues :( In that time, loads of nice tunes cropped up! Got beaten to this track by Drumshticks but I wanted a pop at it anyway - ignore me. Had a quick listen through then decided to just keep a steady, slightly shuffled backbeat and see where it took me - it's a polite way of saying I just hit record ...


Actually did two versions this is the HAM sandwich one.It was sunny and about 70 degrees here ,the jungle noises got stupid .Like this a lot right in the groove.D+1
Ah yeah! Very groovy again! :)+1
its the whole point of templates like this.....jamin! free and easy+1
Great drums Mr P, I've added my two penny worth. Great framework from Kimbo.+1
March 31 2015 20:19:17
mpointon It is and great playing from you too. I've got an improved mix of this track as the drums are a little far back - I'll PM about getting the bass track from you but I'm out this evening. +0
The drum people are busy this week :) ... nice !!+1
nice feels guys :)+0
Fine drumming that kicks this along so nicely.+0
Thanks for your ad...sure like this whole jam..+0
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