The Panther

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Maybe someone would like to try German lyrics on this one... :)

Der Panther

(00:50-01:12) :
Sein Blick ist vom Vorübergehn der Stäbe
so müd geworden, dass er nichts mehr hält.
Ihm ist, als ob es tausend Stäbe gäbe
und hinter tausend Stäben keine Welt.

(01:32-01:52) :
Der weiche Gang geschmeidig starker Schritte,
der sich im allerkleinsten Kreise dreht,
ist wie ein Tanz von Kraft um eine Mitte,
in der betäubt ein grosser Wille steht.

(02:20-02:44) :
Nur manchmal schiebt der Vorhang der Pupille
sich lautlos auf -. Dann geht ein Bild hinein,
geht durch der Glieder angespannte Stille -
und hört im Herzen auf zu sein.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

(Maybe repeate of one verse at 03:39-end)


April 06 2015 00:52:04
nuno1959nuno1959 Fantastic piece, i love this, it's gorgeous..
+1 April 06 2015 15:41:02 nuno1959Liesching
Thank you, nuno! :)
April 03 2015 11:18:51
MarianneMarianne Absolutely ZAUBERHAFT, Marc! I sense every tensed nerve and muscle in this melancholic play of the Panther's fate. I see the tears in his heartbroken eyes, the stillness in his mind of lost freedom, resigned to be a Panther no more. :)
+1 April 03 2015 11:23:55 MarianneMarianne
I re-sent my comment, Marc...I didn't like the 'thumbs down' symbol! It was meant to be a sad face on behalf of the Panther. So sorry about that....nor did I realise that my delete would also delete YOUR reply. Silly me! :)
April 03 2015 23:04:58 MarianneLiesching
Everything's fine! Marianne, thank you very much! :)
April 01 2015 21:57:29
AKchenAKchen sorry, dass ich das übersehen hatte ... es ist wundervoll und passt zum Gedicht
+1 April 02 2015 10:40:35 AKchenLiesching
Danke Dir, akchen! Schöne Ostern! :)
April 02 2015 14:42:06 AKchenAKchen
danke sehr, dir auch :)
April 01 2015 21:09:26
WadeWade So many fine things about this. Your composition skills always amaze (melodies, harmonies, phrasing etc.) This time I'm hearing the way you have so subtly used the synth sounds. The very high stings adding tension almost imperceptibly is such a fine touch. Such good use of dramatic pauses (space and silence). Most of us here have no idea when to keep quiet.
+3 April 02 2015 09:13:21 WadeLiesching
Thank you wade! Hope you´ll never become quiet but keep up commenting in this special enriching way. Best. Marc
April 01 2015 14:44:17
onewholeftonewholeft your usual excellence
+1 April 01 2015 20:32:36 onewholeftLiesching
Thanks Lairdy. Have a great evening! :)
April 01 2015 12:11:14
fannefanne Wow...that's all I can say,a bunch of thumbs for this one..
+1 April 01 2015 20:31:59 fanneLiesching
Thank you very much, John! Really happy you like it. :)
April 01 2015 07:41:53
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic !!!!!
+1 April 01 2015 20:31:01 cody trippLiesching
Many thanks, Cody!
April 01 2015 07:12:54
Il TelloIl Tello Complimenti Marc ;)
very delicate and tasteful ;)
It's a pleasure listen your music ;)

+1 April 01 2015 20:30:09 Il TelloLiesching
Thank you Donatello! Buona serata! :)
April 01 2015 07:04:50
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)
+1 April 01 2015 20:29:02 Lenny CowlerLiesching
Thank you, Lenny! Much appreciated :)
April 01 2015 06:37:29
SlonMusicSlonMusic Perfect!!!
+1 April 01 2015 20:28:20 SlonMusicLiesching
Thank you, Steve!

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