the panther + sax

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Wasn't sure if I shoulda this was pretty good all by itself...mood inspired me...tried to take Wade's advice and steer clear of the vocalist...


April 01 2015 22:16:03
BalfoBalfo Right to the point, great Fishi!

April 01 2015 21:35:52
WadeWade Such a lovely composition from Marc complimented by poetry and Mark's lovely accents.

April 01 2015 13:00:40
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very nice one Mark

April 01 2015 09:57:47
bleymehlbleymehl Thanks Fishinmissio for your wonderful sensitive add!

April 01 2015 09:41:28
kimbokimbo wish i had more thumbs...made me cry....and i didn't understand the words much!:)
+2 April 01 2015 09:56:43 kimbobleymehl
Here an english translation of the text (by J. B. Leishman from

The Panther

His sight from ever gazing through the bars
has grown so blunt that it sees nothing more.
It seems to him that thousand of bars are
before him, and behind him nothing merely.

The easy motion of his supple stride,
which turns about the very smallest circle,
is like a dance of strength about a center
in which a will stands stupefied.

Only sometimes when the pupil’s film
soundlessly opens — then one image fills
and glides through the quiet tension of the limbs
into the heart — and ceases and is still.
April 01 2015 15:53:55 kimbokimbo
no wounder i cried!
April 01 2015 07:49:24
LieschingLiesching Very good sax add, Fishinmissio! Really happy you joined! Best. Marc

April 01 2015 07:11:22
cody trippcody tripp GREAT !!

April 01 2015 04:38:40
RobMRobM No chance of punches thrown ;) Nice add Fishin ... real nice :)

April 01 2015 03:35:59
PsychoPsycho Appears you're having a blast... excellent song and the sax keys it in nicely !!

April 01 2015 03:05:55
RickplayerRickplayer Glad you did add this sounds great


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