I'm On My Way

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April 19 2015 09:52:42
hurzelhurzel nice organ! :) welcome to the loops!

April 18 2015 20:16:25
zacharyBennouizacharyBennoui Welcome to the loops!! beautiful organ and thank you for your message. Zachary
+0 April 19 2015 06:50:53 zacharyBennoui3NotesStu
Thanks for the welcome. Always liked that "B" sound.
I'll see you around.
April 16 2015 13:46:25
woXeywoXey oh yes this is perfect! very cool playing..very good track al together!

welcome to WIkilaNd

April 10 2015 13:04:21
Pit BrettPit Brett very good sounding, well played organ :) welcome!

April 09 2015 22:03:45
LieschingLiesching Fine playin. Welcome to the loops! :)

April 09 2015 20:49:23
ShiShi real nice addition,good to have you with us and welcome to the loops from me :)
+1 April 09 2015 21:44:13 Shi3NotesStu
Thanks for the good vibe. Been listening to WL for a while, didn't jump in till I heard this. what is it about this Song? It seems to have life?
April 09 2015 21:46:19 ShiShi
it got me like that too.. :)
April 06 2015 17:03:15
RickplayerRickplayer Well played nice fit

April 04 2015 07:47:19
onewholeftonewholeft 8.1

April 04 2015 03:15:57
onewholeftonewholeft Very nice love it fits well with Shi and the team
+0 April 04 2015 03:32:56 onewholeft3NotesStu
Thank you very much, good to hear from a fellow musician down under.
April 02 2015 19:44:29
issiroissiro Welcome to the Loops! Thanks for choosing that song as your first remix. :)

Very nice playing, i also like the different sounds you use!

+1 April 03 2015 01:50:58 issiro3NotesStu
Thanks for the kind Welcome, This is a great place! What a beautiful song, it was a joy. Got a Kurz Artis and a DAW.
It's got a great "B" Sound. Used to have the real thing. Now I have is the bad back to prove it! hope to see you around!!

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