This Hollow Feeling

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This feeling
when my eyes are heavy
and my lips are dry
kind of depression
out of the blue
I like this dark
kind of feeling
but somehow I dont want it
I am sitting in the dark
feeling the beat
of my foolish heart
I am lonely
its so hard to handle it
I want someone to need me
I am lonely
I like this dark
kind of feeling
but somehow
I dont even want it

....Psycho said to join on in so I did. I added a bit more solo stuff to Mish's Fantastic song ;)


April 03 2015 12:18:08
very cool ;o)
+1 April 03 2015 13:07:51 Uloisius Psycho
thanks Ulo... I'm having fun... that is what counts in this ugly world !!
April 03 2015 10:19:21
great lyrics, fab add
+1 April 03 2015 13:07:09 AKchen Psycho
Thanks, just had to finish it ;)
April 02 2015 21:01:52
If it's good it's good, very good Psycho!
+1 April 02 2015 21:29:55 Balfo Psycho
Appreciate the words Balfo, it was fun as usual :)
April 02 2015 20:21:20
perfect to empathize, I like
+1 April 02 2015 21:29:05 ivax Psycho
Well, thank you ivax !!
April 02 2015 19:59:11
cody trippcody tripp
Killer !!!
+1 April 02 2015 21:28:02 cody tripp Psycho
Thanks cody, I tried to do it some justice ;)
April 02 2015 19:46:09
Wow Psycho great add !!!:)
+1 April 02 2015 21:27:14 Mishteria Psycho
Thanks gal, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have to work so hard ;) You surely know I'm kidding. How could I ever pass it up ??? :)
April 02 2015 19:14:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good Psycho:)
+1 April 02 2015 21:24:33 Lenny Cowler Psycho
Thanks Lenny, I couldn't resist ;)
April 02 2015 18:15:43
Perfect Psycho! I have image of Hotel California when I heard the intro. I like this lead guitar so much. I can know it very well that you are listening to a lot of music. Great :)
+1 April 02 2015 18:23:47 Keiton Psycho
Thanks Kei, well the Eagles (Joe Walsh in particular) were a big influence, so it doesn't surprise me ;)
April 02 2015 18:07:40
You make good job too !
+1 April 02 2015 18:21:52 Tofzegrit Psycho
Thanks Tof, I try too. There are so many great players here !!
April 02 2015 17:45:52
Great guitars, great melody, and great vocals... such a great song guys!!
+1 April 02 2015 18:02:15 Guadaña Psycho
Thanks G, I just had to add to it (it's in my genes). I was really concerned about botching the vocal, so I tried to get a good mix in ;)
April 02 2015 18:26:17 Guadaña Guadaña
And you got it in my opinion. :)
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