Needed A Shave Too

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Great fun tune, Marc. Funnily enough, I really needed a shave this morning! Anyways, went for a sort of latin-jazz-fusion approach with your tune. A sort of half-arsed Rhumba to start with, into a bossa-nova for the bridge to a backbeat samba for the outro.

Unfortunately, the guitar was uploaded before I completed my track and I'm not sure the two will go together so have uploaded here instead.

Hope you likey. Thanks for a great fun little tune for this Good Friday, Marc.


April 06 2015 09:53:14
nuno1959nuno1959 Eh, eh, eh… You just took this one to the next level so to speak !
Super fun & well played MP

April 03 2015 19:11:21
PsychoPsycho This is the perfect drum fit, really nice M !!

April 03 2015 18:23:07
OliVBeeOliVBee nice drums :) cool coda !

April 03 2015 18:08:53
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good colleague:)

April 03 2015 17:10:05
GuadañaGuadaña Superior drums mate!!!!

April 03 2015 15:56:18
TG_StratTG_Strat This shaving dilemma is cruciating. I feel your pain, man!! :D

April 03 2015 15:34:29
DrumshticksDrumshticks Martin don't know what else would work this track as with drums .You nailed it great add .D
+2 April 05 2015 05:56:48 Drumshticksmpointon
Thank you, drumshticks. It was tough. I was close using brushes with this track but felt it needed a bit more 'drive'. Appreciate such positive feedback from a fellow drummer. :) Thank you.
April 03 2015 14:29:26
SlonMusicSlonMusic and that's Drums! Loops on it's drive..

April 03 2015 14:23:59
MarceysMarceys Yes! Very cool again Martin! :) great timing and like your groove at the end very much! Fine structure! Let's hear some bass now :)
+1 April 03 2015 14:50:04 MarceysMarceys
You've change your mic's again? The sound is different as you solo-track you did before.... There's more kick in this! Like this sound!
April 03 2015 14:55:33 Marceysmpointon
Thanks, Marc. I've not changed any mics, just improved my mixing, got hold of better effects (and a maximiser) and put a load of moongel on the toms/snare for a drier sound.
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