Am liebsten Blues

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It is said that there are people who actually read the chords and listen to the music before playing on the Tracks - these Mythical creatures are called "Musicians" and they would not have been surprised at the sudden melodic-like bit that occurs at 02.28 - I, myself, DID notice the change but decided to half ignore it as I was "gien it laldy' as they say in my language, and in the Spirit of Artistic Licence have uploaded the complete un-edited version here on Wikiloops for Posterity and because I think everything fits together to create ONE BIG PICTURE: anyone who disagrees is obviously on the wrong Meds or doesn't hail from my home Planet. So here it is just for you my very own quirky Blues from 'Music-IAN'...............................and thanks for a great Track to play on.
PLEASE NOTE: there are NO mistakes of any kind; just non-conforming Singularities and Pseudo-divergent anomalies.


April 06 2015 20:23:31
nuno1959nuno1959 Good add Ian, oh yeah..

April 04 2015 16:35:01
BalfoBalfo Good Babba, very good!

April 04 2015 10:42:58
TheoRamosTheoRamos \o/ Rock in Roll!

April 04 2015 09:57:18
AKchenAKchen cool

April 04 2015 09:40:17
KeitonKeiton Very nice playing Ian :)

April 04 2015 07:38:44
onewholeftonewholeft 7.5

April 04 2015 06:12:07
PsychoPsycho Babba, so you simply wing it? Sometimes you freak me out man... well done mix !!
+1 April 04 2015 12:12:33 PsychoBabbazitt
mostly I just wing a one-take but sometimes I have to wiork it all out beforehand
April 04 2015 04:07:30
cody trippcody tripp cool

April 04 2015 01:56:31
aduadu Yeah :D

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