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Costa Rica
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Keiton1178 jams
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Added another complimenting rhythm guitar and some lead work toward the end...nuthin fancy :) Great track Kei!
Tagged as / Sounds like:
Slow Blues, ZZ Top, Slow Blues in A


I knew this would turn into something really good... it fits, really fine playing Dan+2
April 04 2015 06:24:27
Danalyze45 This was such a cool track from Kei...I'm a little disappointed in my play here but it had a great vibe for the takes and I wanted to leave it open for others :) +2
April 04 2015 06:35:55
Psycho You're like me and everyone else, you are rarely happy with your own work. Dang it man ;) +2
Great tone and the playing feels like da bloos... Puts me in mind of Kossoff in early Free, now that can't be bad :-))+2
I'm glad your join. Very thank you Dan. Maybe I know why you've added to tag of ZZ Top. Because I thought Jesus Just Left Chicago :)+1
April 04 2015 23:19:44
Danalyze45 It had that feel to it for sure....Love this kind of blues :) Great job here Keii....I wish my tone and playing had been a bit better for this track of yours. +1
April 04 2015 23:36:11
Keiton :) +0
Nice Jam , nice song! great hit ;-)+1
cool Dan :)+1
You rock it, Dan!+1
Ah !! Here's ''The Grit'' i so enjoy… ;)
Nicely done Dan !

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