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I added my harp to this fine re-mix created by Baer and akethesnaker. My appreciations to both of you!


April 07 2015 12:31:22
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine playing!;)
+1 April 07 2015 12:58:42 akethesnakerBlueboy
Thanks ake! I appreciate your providing this template with Baer! :)
April 06 2015 20:35:26
nuno1959nuno1959 Hey BB, i love your harp playing & this IS a very nice add !! ;)
+1 April 07 2015 06:22:55 nuno1959Blueboy
Thanks Nuno! I really appreciate it! :)
April 05 2015 02:05:29
onewholeftonewholeft Hi mate my 5.6 was because i felt the recording volume of your harp was way to high for this track and made i difficult for others to join in
+0 April 05 2015 06:58:14 onewholeftonewholeft
No problem but without criticism how do we know what to try and improve if you noticed i another comment i also said how great your playing was just that i thought it was a bit heavy in the mix - But no problem i will try not to listen to your tracks in the future and we will have no problem ! Strange that you are the only person that has been against it !
April 05 2015 06:58:35 onewholeftBlueboy
(Continued) of making music.
April 05 2015 07:04:43 onewholeftBlueboy
You offered me no feedback other than a number until I expresses curiosity on what the number meant. The feedback about the too heavy harp mix was useful to me. The rating scale is not.
April 05 2015 07:07:46 onewholeftonewholeft
I also gave it a thumbs up and 5.6 if you look at it is better than i would give some of my own - but hey no problem would you like me to delete the comments ?
April 05 2015 02:03:45
onewholeftonewholeft Hi i have started using a rating system of my own instead of commenting on tracks ! This is in my opinion only and may differ greatly to what others hear ! I do not believe there to be any such thin as a bad jam as jamming is a way of learning and a way of expressing how we feel !I am rating the jams in several areas a) Recording quality b) Content c) Degree of difficulty!
So what do my scores mean !
under 5 ) It was not for me ! but this could be simply that its not a style that i personally like so please don't be offended as someone else might think its a ten !
5-6 Good jam and i have given it a like !
6-7 A very good jam
7-8 Exceptional
8-9 Amazing
9-10 You should be performing this on stage !

April 04 2015 20:57:12
ivaxivax good Bb
+1 April 04 2015 20:59:08 ivaxBlueboy
Thanks ivax! :)
April 04 2015 19:35:23
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)
+1 April 04 2015 20:58:02 Lenny CowlerBlueboy
Thanks Lenny! I appreciate it! :)
April 04 2015 14:28:45
KeitonKeiton Very cool playing :)
+1 April 04 2015 20:57:29 KeitonBlueboy
Thanks Keii! :)
April 04 2015 12:51:24
NeronickNeronick Nice blues. The harp is bit dominant in the highs in earphones... :)
+1 April 04 2015 20:53:27 NeronickBlueboy
Thanks Neronick. And I agree about the mix, it's a little too much at the high end.
April 04 2015 12:32:33
Pit BrettPit Brett :D GREAT little Harp! Super rhythm-lick at 0:50
+1 April 04 2015 20:53:59 Pit BrettBlueboy
Thanks Pit! I really appreciate it!
April 04 2015 11:23:00
onewholeftonewholeft 5.6
+1 April 04 2015 20:56:47 onewholeftBlueboy
Thanks, Lairdy. I am not sure what 5.6 means, but if we are using the Richter scale, it means you were really moved by it. :)
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