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While working at my first job in the roughest area of Kansas City I ran across many strange characters and over time I became to know some of them. I met drunks, hookers, thugs, you name it. Many of those folks became friends who watched out for me in a part of town that was crime ridden.

Across from work was a corner market that was robbed at least four or five times a year. Sitting on the corner next to the market was an old man who was never without his paper bag containing cheap whiskey. The only time I saw him move was to go into the market only to emerge with a new bag.

They called him Mr. Jonesy (lonely Mr. Jonesy)

At the time I was into music and lyrics so I wrote one which I titled "Mr. Jonesy". That was thirty years ago and the song is long gone now. I never wrote it down or back in those days taped it. At the time it was one of the few favorites of mine that I had written.

I do remember bits of it, so after noodling around tonight that old song came to mind.


April 06 2015 15:52:31
tullicbrtullicbr very good but i like more your "crying child" :)
+1 April 07 2015 02:02:15 tullicbrPsycho
Wah? Thanks tull !!
April 06 2015 13:34:25
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice one

April 06 2015 10:32:00
chrisbasschrisbass cool
+1 April 06 2015 12:59:18 chrisbassPsycho
Thank you chris, it was not easy to get it down clean for 4 minutes ;)
April 05 2015 11:18:01
TofzegritTofzegrit Yes nice dedication to Mr lonely.
+1 April 05 2015 11:21:10 TofzegritPsycho
Thanks, I do recall lonely Mr Jonesy was in the lyric. I sure wish I still had that old stuff !!
April 05 2015 11:14:59
AKchenAKchen fab dedication :)
+1 April 05 2015 11:21:56 AKchenPsycho
Thank you ak, yup those were the days ;)
April 04 2015 19:15:32
cody trippcody tripp COOL
+1 April 04 2015 21:55:32 cody trippPsycho
Thanks cody :)
April 04 2015 19:15:22
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler äwesome Psycho:)
+1 April 04 2015 21:56:28 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Appreciate the listen Lenny, it was fun to do !!
April 04 2015 17:01:00
TG_StratTG_Strat I got the same problem...luckily I recorded some of my stuff on casettes in the 80ies, and I still got the old lyrics book. But quite a few are lost forever...never mind. THis could be a nice template, and the chord sequence at the end is almost 100% similar to something I used to play in 85 or so. :D
+1 April 04 2015 17:03:03 TG_StratPsycho
Thanks TG... yeah, I snuck over and stole that outro from ya... lol :)
April 04 2015 17:05:36 TG_StratTG_Strat
Hahaha that would be as much possible as Elvis living on the moon :D
April 04 2015 16:00:04
BalfoBalfo I love your story from the past, and their implementation in Music!
+1 April 04 2015 16:50:37 BalfoPsycho
Thanks Balfo, there's more to the story but the 850 character limit in the description wouldn't allow it :)
April 04 2015 15:49:23
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Well done, Psycho! Good for us you rimindet this nice song! Like the Story... That's Life....😊
+1 April 04 2015 16:49:16 frankyguitarPsycho
Thanks, it was weird... last night, it just popped out... as most tunes do.

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