Call It Even

Remix step #6 (playing)


Tofzegrit1199 jams Supporter
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Just added a Rythm Wah Gtr and Kept Vocals from Marceys
The remix Tree was full so I made a special upload
My line was to keep every contributors and I did not want take the whole guitar part because... I like so much what Kimbo plays here!

Slon has made a other version of this, visit #36616


April 05 2015 10:09:31
Yeah! Very cool guitar Tof! Add a lot of groove and feeling! Like it a lot! :)
+1 April 05 2015 10:41:13 Marceys Tofzegrit
One of your best song Marc
April 05 2015 08:26:38
Added to my best of the best playlist
+0 April 05 2015 11:07:47 onewholeft Tofzegrit
9.4... I will show it to my sons "have a look on Dad's result... And take example" :)
April 05 2015 11:27:49 onewholeft onewholeft
I'm betting they are already proud of you !
April 05 2015 11:42:36 onewholeft Tofzegrit
They don't care about playing music and what their dad produce. That's the shame of my life:(
April 05 2015 12:00:36 onewholeft onewholeft
I know how you feel I was a professional sailor in regattas all over the world but couldn't get any of my kids near a boat ! And they don't listen to music either ! Where did we go wrong ?
April 05 2015 12:05:49 onewholeft Tofzegrit
Nowhere ! Love is all
April 05 2015 08:25:09
+0 April 05 2015 10:42:35 onewholeft Tofzegrit
April 05 2015 08:24:53
Hi i have started using a rating system of my own instead of commenting on tracks ! This is in my opinion only and may differ greatly to what others hear ! I do not believe there to be any such think as a bad jam as jamming is a way of learning and a way of expressing how we feel !I am rating the jams in several areas a) Recording quality Cool Content c) Degree of difficulty!
So what do my scores mean !
under 5 ) It was not for me ! but this could be simply that its not a style that i personally like so please don't be offended as someone else might think its a ten !
5-6 Good jam and i have given it a like !
6-7 A very good jam
7-8 Exceptional
8-9 Amazing
9-10 You should be performing this on stage with the likes of Erick Clapton

April 05 2015 06:04:03
Wow, Tof. Great playing - you add flavour without taking over - your sensitivity to others's contributions are worth a medal. Just take the limelight once in a while :D

What a track by everyone involved too. So laid back and a joy to listen to. Everyone seemed to instinctively know their place. A lesson in musicianship.

April 04 2015 19:26:09
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler

April 04 2015 17:40:04
cody trippcody tripp

April 04 2015 17:18:17
very nice song ppl

April 04 2015 17:14:22
We should suggest to Dick that just maybe he could increase the mix tree to eight as long as it isn't abused. Folks have proven more than six works. Anyway, your playing is impeccable as usual !!
+0 April 04 2015 17:30:02 Psycho Tofzegrit
Thanks Psycho.
The concept is around a JAM but sometimes it becomes a serious tune... That's why I've decided to go round and to "tinker" with :)
April 04 2015 17:09:36
+0 April 04 2015 17:30:26 jamlady Tofzegrit
It's a great tune

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