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Good 'ol standby when your band's setlist runs dry :)

Hummm ... I hear some minor crash cymbal remnants, because I record live. Usually I'm very careful with that issue. If it's too bothersome, I'll have to remake it.


April 06 2015 15:11:48
RickplayerRickplayer cool
+1 April 07 2015 02:10:02 RickplayerPsycho
Sure do thank you !!
April 05 2015 11:20:25
AKchenAKchen fab !!
+1 April 05 2015 11:23:22 AKchenPsycho
Well thank you once again... fun stuff !!
April 05 2015 06:29:18
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect Psycho:)
+1 April 05 2015 10:58:23 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thanks Lenny, just put a lead to it ;)
April 05 2015 04:38:42
HaffastHaffast I like this, Psycho! Might have to break out something just so i don't feel like I'm wasting an opportunity here....
+1 April 05 2015 06:06:13 HaffastPsycho
Thank You. I'll tell Haffast, I have one heck of a list I want to mess with here, and it will be impossible to accomplish. Thing is, if you want to try it, it will always be here;)
April 05 2015 04:28:56
KeitonKeiton I like very much this heavy style blues, Great Psycho :)
+1 April 05 2015 06:04:06 KeitonPsycho
Thanks, I'm thinking about adding a heavy intro, just for ideas sake ;)
April 05 2015 04:17:33
cody trippcody tripp COOL !!
+1 April 05 2015 06:03:09 cody trippPsycho
Thought I'd put up a simple one !!
April 05 2015 01:59:54
onewholeftonewholeft 6.5
+1 April 05 2015 06:02:43 onewholeftPsycho
April 05 2015 01:59:45
onewholeftonewholeft Hi i have started using a rating system of my own instead of commenting on tracks ! This is in my opinion only and may differ greatly to what others hear ! I do not believe there to be any such thin as a bad jam as jamming is a way of learning and a way of expressing how we feel !I am rating the jams in several areas a) Recording quality b) Content c) Degree of difficulty!
So what do my scores mean !
under 5 ) It was not for me ! but this could be simply that its not a style that i personally like so please don't be offended as someone else might think its a ten !
5-6 Good jam and i have given it a like !
6-7 A very good jam
7-8 Exceptional
8-9 Amazing
9-10 You should be performing this on stage !

+1 April 05 2015 06:02:02 onewholeftPsycho
I think the rating thing is a good idea if explained, and you did just that ;)
April 04 2015 23:21:30
frankyguitarfrankyguitar I hear it also, but it do not interfere me. Like it! Very cool blues rock. Thumb up!
+1 April 05 2015 06:00:11 frankyguitarPsycho
Thanks franky !!

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