So Be It (RhythmGtr)

Remix step #4 (playing)


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Hop Hop Hop Pop Pop Pop Maraltofmarctinex Band!
I've began with killer tones to make a fusion heavy guitar but I was seduced by dealing with a smooth pop rock guitar line.
Hope the Line up and the wikiloopers would appreciate it!

Special thanks to Marc, Martin and Alex: one more time, I play in a "new style" for me


April 07 2015 17:40:16
very nice - maybe a touch high in the mix? - but super cool playing! style fits perfect :-)
+0 April 07 2015 20:32:25 alexj Tofzegrit
Merci Alex! Maybe you are not enough loud for once;)
I'm the guitar player, I must be high in the mix but I'm sorry 😊
April 08 2015 19:44:48 alexj Marceys
That a misconception Tof! Most guitarplayer think they need to be loud in the mix! Thats someting else :)
April 07 2015 11:59:37
Great guitar! Great all of you guys!:)
+0 April 07 2015 13:21:27 akethesnaker Tofzegrit
A kind of "roots" for me. Merci Ake
April 07 2015 10:59:09
Wow! Great guitar!=)
+0 April 07 2015 13:23:20 SlonMusic Tofzegrit
Add yours;)
Thanks Steve
April 07 2015 06:07:40
The Rhythm guitar wasnt bad either LOL
+0 April 07 2015 06:11:00 onewholeft Tofzegrit
Oh? Ah yes lol
April 07 2015 01:49:27
Tof, your pretty darn good, did you know that? great playing !!
+0 April 07 2015 05:50:57 Psycho Tofzegrit
Oh Yeah! Merci Psy.
As I wrote, it came like that instead of fonky raw part.
More open for others I think and give another color to the final "band" Sound (compared to what we usually do together)
April 06 2015 23:51:26
Very cool add, Tof! Lovely tones and you leave so much room for others to play!
+0 April 07 2015 05:52:58 mpointon Tofzegrit
Merci Martin.
I like changes of color vs what we usually produce together
April 06 2015 23:49:44
Very nice template great bass

April 06 2015 21:16:26
cody trippcody tripp
Really Like this !!
+0 April 06 2015 21:32:11 cody tripp Tofzegrit
Cool 😎 merci Cody
April 06 2015 19:21:21
Who's that kid on the block that plays in a new style! in a new style :) it's SuperTof! Cool ride man! Got yourself some eastereggs today?
+0 April 06 2015 19:21:47 Marceys Marceys
Sorry, did some beers overhere..... :)
April 06 2015 19:55:13 Marceys Tofzegrit
Merci Marc, no Easter eggs only chips with Rhum (green lemon & sugar % ice) less dangerous for teeth:)
April 07 2015 05:56:04 Marceys Tofzegrit
My glass has fallen down few seconds after writing message below and have cut my left thumb during my cooking (knife 🔪 solo)
April 07 2015 07:59:49 Marceys Marceys
Autshh, hope it doesn't effect your playing.... Good luck with it!
April 07 2015 08:08:56 Marceys Tofzegrit
that's why an Onion making cry :)
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