If Only I Knew You

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Attempted to add to this without taking away from it. Some of the prettiest piano you'll hear... (I added the guitar, unfortunately) :)
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Piano, Haffast, Self-indulgent, Peaceful


You nailed it !!+1
April 07 2015 02:08:27
Haffast Thanks Psycho! It was long and I didn't wat to get to far away from how beautiful Robin's work was. I appreciate it! :) +0
Sounds awesome Haffast...+1
Great add to this great template love the tone+1
April 07 2015 05:32:49
Haffast Thank you very much Lairdy! I'm glad you enjoyed it! +1
very nice:)+1
April 07 2015 14:26:52
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Thank you very much Lenny! I appreciate it! +1
the bend at 1:30 made me reach for my bic lighter...great touch. Very emotional without detracting from the original. Awesome.+1
April 07 2015 14:30:16
Haffast Thanks a lot Dan! That's a great compliment - especially if you weren't reaching for your lighter to burn down your computer in disgust. That's important.

Glad you liked it! :)
OooO oOOo fabulous oO0oO
Peaceful and... What a feeling!
And it's a great performance regarding 8'16"
April 07 2015 14:31:38
Haffast Thank you very much! That's what I was hoping for. I don't do so well with long tracks, usually. I run out of ideas :) Thank you again and I'm glad you enjoyed it! +0
I agree with all compliments below...+1
April 07 2015 19:48:13
Haffast Thanks Harri! +0
That was one of the best musical 8minutes and 16 seconds of my life!:D . I downloaded in-order to listen on my studio m8!.Friggin Awesome playing Buddy!...well done fella!;)+1
April 08 2015 13:27:27
Haffast Wow! I think I'm blushing. :) Thank you VERY much! That means a lot to me and I really appreciate that. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again! +0
So beautiful!! Love, love, love it!!!!+1
April 08 2015 23:51:18
Haffast Thank you very much Sandy! :) +0
bom trabalho+1
April 11 2015 06:10:28
francisco al
Haffast Thank you! :) +0

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