Remix step #4 (playing)


Tofzegrit1018 jams Supporter
+ 12
Waked up early this morning and have seen this track born live!
Thanks Dan, the breakfast was nice and I known what would I do when the family would be awake too.

added Fonky gimmick everywhere I could ! and support your "theme"
What a good morning, thank you Adam and Sir Alex... and as I wrote in my comment: How did I miss this one ?


April 08 2015 13:44:01
barkndogbarkndog C'est fantastique!
+0 April 08 2015 19:42:02 barkndogTofzegrit
Merci The Dog😞
April 08 2015 00:21:21
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Great great addition...I went through about 40 tones trying to find the staccato tone you use here. Awesome feel and technique with your additions and the mix is great too. Awesome.
+1 April 08 2015 04:29:12 Danalyze45Tofzegrit
Merci Dan you've shown me the way!
The wiizzz sound is a JM800 drive simulation with whammy (high defined) and phaser electroharmonix in the virtual pedalboard and delay reverb sim behind the amp.
April 07 2015 21:26:12
PsychoPsycho Sounds like pro work to me Tof !!
+1 April 07 2015 22:16:39 PsychoTofzegrit
Merci mon ami.
Only 5 tracks to manage in the mix :)
April 07 2015 23:47:11 PsychoTofzegrit
#36866 By the way :)
April 07 2015 18:29:53
Pit BrettPit Brett GREAT JAM :)
+1 April 07 2015 22:17:55 Pit BrettTofzegrit
Merci Pit.
Glad you like it.
April 07 2015 17:22:47
alexjalexj supreme! great work..excellent sound as well :)
+0 April 07 2015 20:35:51 alexjTofzegrit
Thank Sir Alex.
Like having breakfast with you thanks to Danalyze today :)
But sure I have fun on this one.
April 07 2015 10:50:01
mpointonmpointon Mate! Blinding playing and really fits the drive of the piece! :) One of your best so far!
+1 April 07 2015 11:40:22 mpointonTofzegrit
Thanks Martin!
Dan gave me the faith and I just jam with him and his Add (little good chorus phrase)
April 07 2015 10:14:44
onewholeftonewholeft Really nice mate just great

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