Bouncy Bonzo

Remix step #2 (playing)


mpointon469 jams Supporter
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I know you said you were just trying out ideas, Nuno, and it wasn't technically a jam but I couldn't resist a pop. Decided to put on my best 'Bonzo does Kashmir' hat, pulled the pillow out of my bass drum and went for it. There's quite a few cheeky 5/4 (or 9/8 depending on how you're counting!) bars in that main riff, Nuno! I think I coped with where most of them were but I was kind of winging them as they weren't always the same!



September 23 2016 01:49:55
This is absolutely sick..def putting some axe work on here if I may..
+1 September 24 2016 00:13:19 Orb1x mpointon
Thank you! And help yourself!!!!
April 16 2015 07:36:17
This is great work ! :)

April 08 2015 05:03:58

April 07 2015 22:42:29
Well, this sound more than fine to!

April 07 2015 22:37:18
Re-listened to this fine add of yours & have to apologise to you because you must have suffered here dealing w/ 1 of my many flaws :P, although you pulled it off perfectly :
When jamming alone i've a real hard time keeping good time, let alone counting or knowing what meter i'm doing or.. i'm clueless !!
This can only be very disturbing to a drummer of your OBVIOUS skills !! & When i play over an existing drum track.. then i benefit from drummer's typical solidity
Only after establishing parts/rehearsing things proper ( takes me a while.. ) do i manage to nail it, slightly mechanical at 1st & flowing/freshness only happens later when i finally interiorise the tune & then yes, i can play it right on the money time wise & swing/groove nicely & solidly along yet i will still have a hard time counting parts - it's nuts !! :D :D
Maddening but i LOVE coming up with stuff & immersing my whole self in sound - it's SO MUCH FUN, i just keep doing it !
Hope i'm forgiven.. :D

+1 April 08 2015 00:02:47 nuno1959 mpointon
No worries, Nuno! :) I love the extra beats here and there in this and *NEVER* apologise for not using metronomes, etc.! You played it your way with your personality - it's mine and others' jobs to work with it and music always sounds better when everyone's together, even if everyone is technically not in with a metronome. Pieces sound far worse if you stick religiously to the click and not the tune going on around it. A metronome is a guide, not a master.

Your template's fluidity and natural flow - extra beats or not (I was just observing!) - which gave me the idea of the Bonham/Kashmir approach. I felt it gave it a real counterpoint to your syncopation. Brilliant template. :)
April 07 2015 19:15:13
great drumming ! love the global sound of your drumset in this configuration :)
+1 April 08 2015 00:43:04 OliVBee mpointon
Thanks, Oli. I'm getting the hang of recording them now. Still not satisfied with the snare sound - too much bark and not enough sizzle although it works well with this, I agree.

The main difficulty is the overheads, I think. If I dial enough in to give the snare more presence, the cymbals practically give everyone within a mile lifetime tinnitus. I need to do more work on their position.
April 07 2015 16:39:19
Well done! Great rythm section here!

April 07 2015 16:33:50
Oh my MP, oh my indeed : me likey… A LOT !!
And to my playlist this goes…. ;) ;)
Thank you so much, i really like it !!

+1 April 08 2015 01:28:15 nuno1959 mpointon
You're welcome! Great templates that are also fun and challenging attract me! Pat yourself on the back, not me.

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