Rumors of World War 3

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OliVBee777 jams
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United States
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He sang a tune or two in a one man band then hopped a train to a distant and nameless land. And in a boxcar he heard someone say, 'You can't take back what you never gave away'. No you can’t take back what you never gave away. There are rumors of war; there are holes in the sky. The dead line the roads but no one hears them cry. The living are throwing stones into an empty well. Their houses are bare; they have nothing left to ...


allthough it's already more believable, i think both your tracks stick out way too much ... they don't form a pack with the rest of the crew ! thanks for trying again ;)+0
April 08 2015 07:28:15
billybluej yes I'm trying...also I'm including a wav for my additional tracks...some of first mp3s were not 320 but lower...thanks for the tips. +1
April 08 2015 07:36:13
OliVBee cool ... though since there is more than just a solo track i'm affraid it's not optimal ... +0
April 08 2015 07:56:26
billybluej Well, I trying adding vocals & guitar individually...that way folks will not be stuck with either my vocal or guitar track. I'll get the levels right. My strong point is not my playing & I'm not a singer but my lyrics... +1
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