In My Dreams

Remix step #4 (playing)
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rtkradle65 jams Supporter
+ 15
This was Fun..!! First song using Reaper software.. Still a bit sick with a cold..Thanx to all these great musicians!!! Ozzy influenced vocal...


June 18 2015 18:17:48
ivaxivax you have set me the willies, I am a great admirer of Ozzy, you have a beautiful voice

April 09 2015 03:49:22
RickplayerRickplayer Wow that sounds great thought I was listening to ozzy in his younger years
+2 April 09 2015 18:04:51 Rickplayerrtkradle
Did many Ozzy covers in the 80's. A voice the whole world recognizes for sure... :)
April 08 2015 17:58:58
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!!Super Ozzy mode:)

April 08 2015 13:05:16
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool, vocals sounds really good

April 08 2015 11:27:41
Anno_NymAnno_Nym Sorry!.. Can someone in WL work on a bass on this? Ears make this kind request!

April 08 2015 11:11:33
Anno_NymAnno_Nym Standing ovation.. ;) Great song..

April 08 2015 04:28:57
HaffastHaffast I'm having internet issues right now do I haven't listened to it all yet, but what I'm hearing so far is AWESOME! My son was walking by and asked, "is that Ozzy?" - so you did a damn good job!
+0 April 08 2015 04:40:16 Haffastrtkradle
Nice.. Tell your son thanx for the compliment. This was a super fun one and your lead work kix ass.!!
April 08 2015 05:16:52 HaffastHaffast
Thanks! He's got a good ear.

I just got to finish it. Great work! I dig the style and it works REALLY well! Thanks for adding to this track. Really fills it out!
April 08 2015 03:54:24
incivanpicoincivanpico love it!:)very cool m8!;)
+0 April 08 2015 03:56:09 incivanpicortkradle
Thanx much! :)
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