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Martin (mpointon) talked me about this one yesterday. I like Martin, I like Marc and what about BigBassgroov'Mac? Thanks guys and Yes it's a good track Martin lol Come on Come On I hope the mix is correct (only one global track available!)


nice funky track :)+1
April 08 2015 20:43:30
Tofzegrit Merci Oliv ze Bee
Bzzzzz Bzzzz
Glad you like it
That's cool Tof, funky flow you' ve got there! :) :)

I realise that my change to another chord is taking a while..... The track needs some changes....maybe a solist can put a cool line over it!
April 08 2015 20:42:23
Tofzegrit Merci Marc, I'm not a solist but I had to put cool lines over it because change is taking a while lol +1
4 thumbs Great job everyone!!!! :) :) :) :)+1
April 08 2015 20:44:50
Tofzegrit Thanks Man, so I'm taking mine. Glad you like it +1
this is sounding soft and sweet to me and then you all kick in with that groovy funk thing...woohoo that was a surprise :) got my vote+1
April 08 2015 21:00:38
Tofzegrit Ohh Mademoiselle! Glad you like it :)
Thank you very much, I'm sure people wondered if you were a funky girl but of course you are Honey ;)
this music make me dancing :)+1
April 08 2015 21:32:32
Pit Brett
Tofzegrit Just do it, I'm coming to the dance floor too +0
Yup I agree on the four thumbs, here's your's Tof+1
April 08 2015 21:33:18
Tofzegrit Hey Psy !!
Thanks a lot and come to the dance floor too !
April 09 2015 02:38:21
Psycho I have a huge list of stuff I want to play on from this place (overwhelming), but hey just maybe ;) +0
April 09 2015 03:06:53
Tofzegrit that's why I'm suggesting you to begin with Body Shake ^^ +1
GREAT !!!+1
April 08 2015 23:27:29
Tofzegrit Merci Cody +0
That's really very good Tof! Added so much groove to the template. Brilliant!+1
April 08 2015 23:32:55
Tofzegrit Merci Martin, amazing fills and playing from you here (as usual)

I was afraid because Marceys is taking a while to change the chords (see below :))
I've tried to put different cool lines and switched sounds to make it really nice and, according to the feedbacks... It Works and I'm so happy you had driven me to it
so well done ... cool stuff+1
April 08 2015 23:28:04
Tofzegrit Merci Mademoiselle +0
Fab piece! Groovy guitar playin, Tof! You´re really pro, Monsieur :)+0
April 11 2015 15:11:58
Tofzegrit Merci Maître!
One Day, I will catch you and convert you to funky ... Maybe 😊
April 11 2015 15:14:55
Liesching :D No chance! +0

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