When Our Eyes Met

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April 14 2015 16:08:23
LieschingLiesching How could I miss that? - Ah I know: Sooo many awesome, incredible pieces of you! :)

April 13 2015 04:44:49
TofzegritTofzegrit Oouch! Well done
You have great orchestra in your mind Cody.
Love pizzicato (and pizza too)

+2 April 13 2015 04:46:33 Tofzegritcody tripp
April 13 2015 02:52:10
WadeWade Fine work from you!

April 11 2015 03:14:56
nuno1959nuno1959 Fantastic piece Cody !! Love it..

April 09 2015 21:33:13
BalfoBalfo You're awesome Cody, great tune!

April 09 2015 12:18:44
chrisbasschrisbass great composer

April 09 2015 10:46:50
Pit BrettPit Brett nice choir and strings !

April 09 2015 09:22:40
MarianneMarianne This melody melts my heart, such a peaceful portrait of eyes meeting and falling in love. :)

April 09 2015 08:41:37
pklieschpkliesch So beautiful, Cody! What is the choir? Is is Kontakt4? Or a sample of the whole choirpassage?
+1 April 09 2015 16:56:44 pklieschcody tripp
it was a single sample of a choir that i used several times to get a fuller harmony going. I'm not sure which music maker program it is from. I've never used kontakt 4. I use Acid Loops. Ableton Live 9, Magix music maker, Mixcrraft, and a couple of others that I can't think of right now. When it's possible i used Sony Acid 6 to create music.
April 09 2015 18:49:22 pklieschpkliesch
Thanks for your answer. Whatever it is: it sounds great!
April 09 2015 08:40:46
onewholeftonewholeft Well composed my friend


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