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Found this whilst pottering around the site earlier. It's posted as a Samba track so I decided that'd be the inspiration. Numerous changeovers and sections to the tune but I did what I could.

Main riff is a standard Samba pattern with the feet and my hi-hat hand, the left hand providing a back beat on the snare. The funky section (as I called it) is just that, phrased to work with the bass. Middle section is also a gentle samba on the snare with the '4' downbeat on the floor tom. Only bit I'm not happy about is the second half of the verse samba sections. Didn't seem to sit right.

It's a complicated arrangement but I fancied a run at it. Enjoy.


August 04 2015 22:16:05
piperpiper Nice MP :)

August 04 2015 20:53:32
ivaxivax perfect MP

August 04 2015 20:37:16
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Martin! These one I can only love !! From the start it is so great!! And it's fit so well!! :)

April 13 2015 03:13:54
WadeWade Great job matching this with super fine drumming.

April 12 2015 21:53:13
issiroissiro Wow, well done! :) Many many thanks for your remix, i really enjoyed it. It's obvious that you've spent some time on figuring out the different parts of the arrangement. First of all i like what you play in the main riff and in the part that you call the "funky section". There, the interplay is also mostly tight. :)

I think, the problems you had in the second half of the verse samba sections are due to inconsistences in my template which isnt recorded very well. ;)

I'm looking forward to hear more of your playing!

April 11 2015 06:34:56
nuno1959nuno1959 Killer Issiro bass template choice & another fine playing session, it's spot on

April 10 2015 11:58:45
UloisiusUloisius absolut cool ;o)

April 09 2015 21:36:47
cody trippcody tripp very cool

April 09 2015 18:24:27
PsychoPsycho ...and did a great job on it - kudos

April 09 2015 16:35:53
TofzegritTofzegrit I can't stop lovin' you Martin


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