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Bit of an experiment, this one. Trying to get that kind of deep south swamp feel played on substandard equipment.

Went for as lo-fi sound as I could. Miked the kit from a distance using just my AKG D112 kick mic - the closest thing I have to an old-school, large-diaphragm mic. Recorded the kit in mono from there. Took the pillow out of my bass drum - it's a bit *too* boomy - stuck a towel on the snare ...


I'm putting on the war paint... nice job of keeping the theme !!+2
Cool retro sound+2
I will honor that you have made a thorough prepared to make the old atmosphere Thank you very much :)+1
April 09 2015 20:42:18
mpointon Thank you, Kei. Did you use a digital vibrato? Sounds like an old Vibro Champ! +1
April 09 2015 20:54:58
Keiton Amp Designer is in the Apple Logic Pro has very good. If there is a MacBook and an audio interface I put out this sound in the kitchen. I hope to want true Vibroverb Amp and uni-vibe :) +0
I think it sounds great...nice add. nice playing Keii+1
I liked it, I thought it really suited the track, so I added a couple of tracks of guitar.+1
Very nice work :)+1
Absolutely appropriate.+1
GREAT !!!+0
coool ;o)+0
Very cool drums, the tone is great and fits perfect👍👍+0

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