Fusioned Colors (ambiance)

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Just a guitar from 2'00 to 3'40 ... didn't want to spoil the rest of this wonderful template ... maybe some other ideas will blossom as the track unfolds ?
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Electro Jazz


You are a very great musician(s) !
I dare a lot with some tracks but this is so "special", Only few loopers can create this kind of tunes or add something on it...
Respect to you & Mila,
"the Master Class is in the Place"
April 10 2015 13:31:52
OliVBee thanks for the compliment :) +0
Really fantastic, OliV. I am hypnotized by this awesome spooky template of mila. A shame, that Stanley Kubrick could not have a listen anymore - in this world! You found a perfect match to maintain this outstanding vibe!+3
April 09 2015 22:13:28
OliVBee glad you like it :) lay some keys ? +1
April 09 2015 22:17:27
Liesching tough challenge not to destroy the vibe. You did so great, let´s see what I can do :) I´ll give it a try, when I reach my keys next week! +2
April 09 2015 22:18:51
OliVBee yes wonderful :) +0
Do you hear the silence?+2
April 10 2015 19:49:24
OliVBee i hear and value every silence :) and i'm sure you do just as well ;) +2
That's some imagination on a piece such as this.... excellent !!+2
Fantastic template by Milachica & what a fine guitar add OliV..
Suweet piece of music, thanks man ! ;)
This is great! Indeed nice colors :)+2
Very cool and inspiring. Guitar sounds oriental in someone parts.+2
fantastic template track!..i like your add OliV!...very much:):)+1
this is uber cool...love the atmosphere and the tension in this.....has the wow factor from you both Milachica and Oliv+1
Yes OliV! Very nice! It's a great kick-off for other ideas as well.+1
April 09 2015 20:44:51
OliVBee glad you like it ... ireally didnt want to be everywhere on this one ... contrasts ... breathing ;) +1
April 09 2015 20:46:43
OliVBee c'mon captain !! jump in !! :) +0
April 09 2015 20:47:59
Milachica It's nice that you just dropped in like that. That asks for a sort of 'prologue'... +1
April 09 2015 20:49:26
OliVBee like i said i didnt want to ruin the marvelous and precious space ... so i might adjust / revisit later ;) +0
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