Classical Romance in E minor Opus 1

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This is a classical style nylon string guitar piece I composed variations upon from John Dowland using models upon old English classical music. It is in the style of English troubador music of the 1600 century. This track could use some violin, flute, oboe, horn, percussion, vocals guitars, bass, cello, harp, keys, something like that. Try to keep the general classical feel of the original track, this is the key to making it sound beautiful.


April 10 2015 18:30:23
Guitar 1 Thank you very much! +0
brilliant ;o)+1
April 10 2015 22:10:45
Guitar 1 Thank you, Uloisius! +0
Very Opus of you.. :)+1
Fine playin! Welcome to the loops! :)+1
April 10 2015 22:11:56
Guitar 1 Thank you very much +1
I think you were born in the wrong era Guitar1...:)
Nicely done...
April 12 2015 09:37:01
Guitar 1 Thank you very much! I love to compose a lot of music, especially classical and hard rock/jazz fusiony stuff +0
What a Nice music and sound.+1
Great tune. Very Special, new colour here.Reminds me at those short guitar interludes on Albums of Jethro Tull and Focus.Well done!+1
April 13 2015 09:28:58
Guitar 1 Thank you very much! I love classical and baroque styles of music so I reflect that in my own work sometimes. I am very much an art rock and fusion player too. +0
Nicely Done :)+1
April 14 2015 08:00:09
Guitar 1 Thank you! +0
Super - Theme of my all time favourite - John Dowland: Flow My Tears (Number 1 hit in the time of Shakespeare)
1st pub. Lachrimae pavane (1596):

Flow, my tears, fall from your springs!
Exiled for ever, let me mourn;
Where night's black bird her sad infamy sings,
There let me live forlorn.
August 28 2015 19:43:36
Guitar 1 Dowland is a subject that I can expound upon. I enjoy his music very much and use it as fuel for my own compositions. +1
August 28 2015 20:17:11
Midoru Dowland is Supreme! +1
August 28 2015 20:31:29
Guitar 1 His was a very expressive and passionate heart and mind. +1
This is 2 acoustic nylon string guitars running through a pair of old Roland choruses and some old spring reverb and an old orange compressor.+0
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