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I attended a concert of Mr. Sting and Mr. Paul Simon two weeks ago, the only one in Germany. Still being hypnotized by one song I tried to arrange something, just a snapshot of this well known piece with regard to copyright law.


I bet that was one heck of a show! I can hear you have been inspired... great piano work !!+3
April 11 2015 15:28:14
Liesching Thanks, Psycho. Indeed it was. Some of the Sting songs were rearranged for duet. Almost the best live music I ever had the privilege to listen to. :) +1
What an arrangement around this great song from one my favorite artist reviewed by another one of my favorite pianist ;)
Großartig Marc !
I 'm taking my Liesching medicine
April 11 2015 13:25:26
Liesching Merci bien, Monsieur Tof! +0
oh lucky you, Marc! oh lucky us, Marc! heart-melting delivery - feels so sad/good. love the way you take your time unfolding this one. one of Sting's finest, most mournful pieces was made your own. wwwwaaahhhhh!+2
April 11 2015 13:38:19
Liesching Anne, thank you for this very kind compliment! :) Sting is outstanding on this planet. +0
Oh wauw! This is so cool! Great musician Sting, and a very cool guy too! Had the pleasure to see and hear him too! Your version is way cool, drinking a beer in the garden and enjoying your play! :) have a good weekend Marc!+2
April 11 2015 15:35:24
Liesching Thanks, Marc. I had the pleasure to listen to him 2 years ago in London in his "living room", the Hammersmith Apollo theatre and several times before. Somehow he is my Guru :) Have a great weekend too, Marc! +1
Btw we were talking about copyright lately - but here there is no issue, you made these chords really your own. Wonderful.
April 11 2015 14:08:54
Liesching Thanks, Lutz. I just checked this on German copyright. Glad you agree with regard to your copyright regulation +0
Beautiful and fragile as OliV say's!:)A master at work!...you play incredible music Marc!;)+2
wie zerbrechlich mein Kopf doch ist! Gut, wenn das kopzerbrechen aufhört :)+2
April 11 2015 14:06:43
Pit Brett
Liesching Na also! :D Danke Dir, lieber Pit! +0
Einfach die Augen schließen, hören und in Gedanken Deinen Händen zusehen... sowas kann einem schon den Abend versüßen....Super Marc !!+2
April 11 2015 14:00:42
Liesching Franky, ich danke Dir! :) +2
You just made this song your own, this is so beautiful !!+2
April 11 2015 13:56:19
Liesching Much appreciated! Thanks, nuno :) +1
Beyond words, Marc. Your extraordinary musicality makes for extraordinary listening pleasure! Thank you. :)+2
April 17 2015 09:46:32
Liesching Thank you, Marianne! :) +1

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