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I've been working with parts of this for ten years and when I finally got into sequencers I was able to finish it as I intended. It never had a name, so I dedicated it to a friend who was in an accident and is now a paraplegic. Hopefully with your help this piece will become something really special. No need to stick with the story or theme, especially for you singers out there. Feel free to express yourselves as ...
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ballad, guitar, sequence


it's got a really lovely, beautiful feel to it, Psycho. 10 years!!! where there's a will, there is a way. :) looking forward to this one's completion.+2
April 10 2015 19:13:25
Psycho Thanks Anne. Oh, I've amassed lots of bits and pieces through the years that I would like to finish. I'm sure that holds true for most ;) +1
real pretty and evocative this, cool chord changes and nice guitar sounds too :)+2
April 10 2015 20:54:59
Psycho Thank you Shi. Three of the best singers here have liked it now. You can't imagine how that makes me feel !! +2
absolut super ;o)+2
April 22 2015 22:03:52
Psycho Thanks Ulo... it's probably the toughest thing I've done to date! +0
April 10 2015 19:07:46
Psycho Thank you Danny !! +0
great recording, build with heartblood for sure+1
April 10 2015 19:07:17
Psycho Thanks, yup... very simple tune, but it does mean alot ;) +0
a great job Pysch, becomes very deep, pure feeling+1
April 10 2015 19:11:43
Psycho Thanks ivax... not sure why but I still don't feel it's complete even without help from the wiki folks. I'm working on a lead for it, so we shall see. +1
Love it!!!!!:)+1
April 10 2015 19:15:25
Psycho Thanks Mish... I see two really good singers have seen this now ;) +1
Fantastic !!!+1
April 10 2015 20:55:38
Psycho Thank you very much Cody :) +1
beautuful ballad :)+1
April 10 2015 20:56:44
Psycho Thanks Kei... a cool ballad type solo would sound good on this wouldn't it ;) +0
Very nice ballad, Psycho! It reminds me a little bit to a Hotel in California, from the balcony I have seen the Eagles sliding weightless....+1
April 10 2015 21:39:26
Psycho Thanks, I've heard the Eagles mentioned before in other tunes. Maybe because I listened to a ton of Felder/Walsh solos? Thanks franky !! +1

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