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* If using the HD bass track to remix, it needs to move +0.106 seconds to be in sync!


Sounds superb! Only listened on my phone at the moment, can't wait to hear it properly when I get back.+3
01:14 :) :) :)+3
April 13 2015 06:17:38
Tofzegrit 01:53 for me with salad and coca zero +2
You are all putting too much great stuff out here! I've downloaded so much stuff but not enough time to keep up with the deluge of kick ass stuff to jam over! Time to quit the day job, night job, friends, family and just get engulfed with jammin' over these!+3
This is ridiculus man!
You record such stuff in 100% or with parts? Come to Poland and teach me how to play this damn machine :D
April 13 2015 00:34:13
alexj thanks :) i try to record all the way through in one go...for better or worse! +3
High class Alex! Incredible groove, cool breakes and instantly grooving after that! WOW moment here! :)+2
Well done ! Couldn't have done it better myself !+2
blood'n guts man ! how groovy is that ??? great track :D+2
fab playing x3+2
Finally been able to hear it on something with some kind of bass response! Blinding playing, Alex!+2
Hello !
Does it groove? Yes it does. Is it a good bass line? No it isn't, it's only Alex!

Back to guitar in 2 hours... W8 4 me😊

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