Cloudy day

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How lovely a cloudy day can be feel the wind blow breeze touches my face My eyes watch the sky love me on a dark and cloudy day You my love are the sun on a cloudy day You touch my heart and clear my soul Its gray cloudy day I love the rain falling down from the sky I love the rain and the gentle touch on my face Love me on the dark and cloudy day You my love are the sun on the cloudy day You touch my heart and clear my soul
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great emotion.. Nice!+2
April 11 2015 18:32:59
Mishteria Thank you!! +0
Fantastic !!+2
April 11 2015 18:33:12
Mishteria Thank you cody!! +1
very nice Mish!;)+1
April 11 2015 18:32:16
Mishteria Thanks inci:) +0
very nice sad song. well done Martina :)+1
April 11 2015 18:32:39
Mishteria Thank you Adu:) +0
This is really cool! I could add an acoustic guitar rhythm/melody part to this easily.+1
April 11 2015 19:22:12
Guitar 1
Mishteria Thank you, its nice if you want to do that :) +1
April 11 2015 19:27:39
Guitar 1
Guitar 1 I already downloaded the track. I will play around with it and see what I come up with. I love doing that kind of stuff. I think you will like my idea when you hear it. +1
April 11 2015 19:31:20
Guitar 1
Mishteria Shure guitar 1 :) +1
April 11 2015 19:44:27
Guitar 1
Guitar 1 My name is Wayne. :) +0
Quelle voix ! Bravo+1
April 11 2015 22:47:44
Mishteria Merci Jean :) +0
SOUL comes out here again Mish. Great!+1
April 12 2015 07:31:18
Mishteria Thank you!!! +0
Very nice Mish !!+1
April 12 2015 07:30:54
Mishteria Thank you Psycho:) +1
April 12 2015 13:41:26
Psycho I was in a rush when I wrote the original comment. It's better than nice Mish, it's actually very good. ;) ;) +0
Beautiful :)+1
April 12 2015 09:01:05
Mishteria Thank you dear Rob:) +1
Very beautiful, Mish!+0

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