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if listening to the entire song, you'll think we forgot to upload half of it. if we are really good, perhaps Uli will stop by and add to it.


Great music from you, I really like it very much ;o)+1
April 16 2015 07:18:24
Marianne Thank you, Uli! :) +0
Nicely done !!+1
April 16 2015 07:18:53
Marianne Thank you, Psycho! :) +0
Very nice :)+1
April 16 2015 07:19:20
Marianne Thank you, Keiichiro! :) +0
So dramatic !!!!..... And very very cool :)+1
April 16 2015 07:19:42
Marianne Thank you, Rob! :) +0
awesome song & music :)+1
April 16 2015 07:20:08
Marianne Thank you, Andrea! :) +1
Good Template!+1
April 16 2015 07:20:29
Marianne Thank you, Balfo! :) +0
Agree with Rob. I like the dramatic range built here. Allgirl quality! :)+1
April 16 2015 07:21:03
Marianne Thank you, Marc! :) +0
so not a topic im interested in - and so enticing to listen to, both versions! love it, playlisted - and a big thank you, ladies and uloisius, for the great auditory pleasure i just experienced!+1
May 18 2015 10:19:06
Marianne Oh, hello glad I caught your presence here! We've been missing you a lot, hoping all is well with you! Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement which means so much to us! :) +2
May 18 2015 12:19:56
machete Too much to do, too little time for the loops and catching up... :(
I'm always glad when I manage to slip in some catching up and one of your songs pops up :)
May 19 2015 06:55:17
Marianne Indeed. And it's always such a treat to meet up on wiki. I haven't been well and Paidra is busy right now, so we've been somewhat absent. It is good to know though that wiki fans remain faithful! Take care, keep well and safe! +2
May 20 2015 23:11:22
machete I actually wondered about where you'd all been to, though because there were still contributions, I kind of never found it pressing enough to take the time to ask. Time is sparse...
I sincerely hope that you are better now? Being busy is usually a good sign :)
May 22 2015 09:10:03
Marianne Thank you so much! Yes, I seem to be back to feeling better. Please be kind to yourself despite your hectic schedules. :) +1
May 27 2015 00:33:06
machete ach, you! always so kind :)
im happy to hear youre feeling better :)
i try to be, otherwise id probably collapse sooner or later ;)
take care of yourself as well! :)
May 27 2015 08:08:18
Marianne No no....don't you dare collapse...not sooner nor later!! Life is too short to stress unduly! Going for a stress test tomorrow...what a waste of time! Take care ~ HUGS! +2
May 27 2015 12:36:52
machete im rooting for perfect test results and happy doctors and Marianne. :) +1
May 30 2015 08:00:26
Marianne Stress test showed no negative results, so all is well that ends well! Still, it took me the following 2 days to recover! I feel better today, thank you so very much for rooting for me, machete. YOU ROCK!! :) +1
May 30 2015 12:05:50
machete Yeeha! You go, girl! :D (=im really glad to hear such positive news from you)
yuck, 2 days of recovery needed sounds really icky. and how wonderful that on top of the positive results you feel better today! :)
enjoy yourself!
June 01 2015 08:16:20
Marianne I'm physically fine again, thank you for your sweet response! It's the first day of Winter here in Oz...awfully cold and windy, then changing into clear sky and sunshine; but I can't stand the cold so stay put reading again on my Kindle after 1 year of no interest in it. Found 2 fascinating books, one by Catherine Cookson and right now reading an Australian Author about the POWs biulding the Great Railway from Siam to Burma under the most unimaginably horrifying conditions. Such an amazing read though interspersed with intriguing romance. Take care, keep well and safe! :) +0
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