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Remix step #6 (playing)


Marceys564 jams Supporter
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Tof did some guitarparts for the Old Jam. There were some syncing issues about it. (whatelse is new :)

So I tried to make the mix in sync....

Did some panning and eq over it too....

The thumb is for Tof..... :)


April 14 2015 02:28:45
great mix man

April 14 2015 02:02:27
i do love this song :)
+3 April 14 2015 02:25:04 alexj Tofzegrit
That's why we have worked on it with Marc... For you Honey :)
Special dedication to Slon too
April 14 2015 03:37:00 alexj mpointon
It's the 8 bars of Marc's keyboard solo that just gets me with this tune every time. Just sooo right!
April 14 2015 10:58:17 alexj Marceys
Thnx Martin, the solo was much longer but i thought this was just right and gave room....faded in faded out! :)
April 14 2015 01:40:47
Nice job !!

April 13 2015 18:50:22
great :)

April 13 2015 17:46:42
Really clean and balanced remix, Marc. It's got a nice 'softness' to its tones now which really suits the template. This tune deserved it and Tof's new add really ices what was already a great cake! Fantastic, Tof :)


+1 April 14 2015 03:06:47 mpointon Tofzegrit
Oh! nice comment !
You were there too
I don't know why I have such affective feeling with this Tune.
Everyone is in and the challenge I like, it's to play with/on Steve's guitar without covering him
April 14 2015 03:12:48 mpointon mpointon
Is there a bit of a Santana fan in you? Your tones and style on this tune remind me of him.
April 14 2015 03:19:56 mpointon Tofzegrit
I don't really know a lot of stuff from Santana. Of course I know recognize him but I never explored his universe. But yes, he's a legend
April 14 2015 03:24:07 mpointon mpointon
The section at 0:28 really reminds me of him. But then the next section at 1:07 reminds me of Mark Knopfler because of what you don't play! Every note counts. Seriously, first-class playing from you.
April 14 2015 03:49:07 mpointon Tofzegrit
I'm managing each track like a project indeed. I'm jamming to find ideas, tones... Put me with a band with just a guitar & amplifier (a plug too?)... I'm not sure I would be so efficient :)
April 13 2015 15:36:42
super, super, super ;o)

April 13 2015 15:23:05
I see what you meant now…
On the mix i uploaded, i assumed the individual track's length was equal AND synced.. :|
Living & learning !! ;)

+0 April 13 2015 15:26:32 nuno1959 Marceys
that should have been the case Nuno! Unfortunately that wasn't so and things got out of sync.... so lesson learned for next time... Always a count in.... :)
April 13 2015 15:34:05 nuno1959 nuno1959
I've already corrected my mix in my DAW & irritating thing is it wasn't even difficult : align the start of every audio track & bingo !!
I could slap myself….. :O
April 13 2015 11:58:06
Thanks Marc
You spent a lot of time for this and... it's great !
Thanks Martin Slon Alex... That's a good piece of groove here

+2 April 13 2015 21:10:47 Tofzegrit Marceys
Your welcome Tof! It was your work here! I just planted the track in order.... :)

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