La-teen, Oh Who Let The Drums In?

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Lesson learned. I need to work on my sambas! Tried to give that full-on samba busy-ness but no matter what I did, it just sounded a bit clumsy; as if someone has chucked my drums down a mountain and I'm running after them still trying to play them! So I hit record again and just went for it anyway. Didn't want to give up as I love this sort of stuff. Publish and be damned, I say! I will go ...


Well done, sounds good to me !!+1
Glad your'e on board, sounds great.
I'll try and a lead part. I found maintaining the rhythm really hard
Great again Martin! You can do all things! :)+1
Pit Brett
very cool sound!+1
Such a perfectionist. Sign of a pro...never satisfied...can do better. Most of us are happy to be anywhere in the rhythm and right key! Nothing wrong with this track. Is it Samba from someone who plays samba every day for the past 20 years in, but hey, I think you've got more than a few good tricks. This there!+1
April 14 2015 12:56:46
mpointon Thanks, Wade! Yes, I'm a perfectionist and tend to over-analyse my playing - can't help it! But my irritation with this performance is not so much what I play but the fact the timekeeping is a bit awry in places which is not a good thing for a drummer. +3
April 14 2015 21:52:31
Wade I hear you and understand. You're listening for your performance to match your expectations. Everyone else is listening to the music. As music it works. No big flaws that stand out. The feel is good and that's what (to most) matters. If perfection is wanted a drum machine can be programmed. I'd rather hear a drummer like you than the best drum machine. Perfection tends to lack humanity and feel. It's often those subtleties of NOT being quite on the beat that drive and make things work.

Great to push yourself and keep the technical skill level up there...even more important that you have the feel. You're a great drummer I'd be happy to play with any time, anywhere, any style (not that I could keep up!)
April 16 2015 04:20:02
mpointon Thank you, Wade. I will never - like all of us - hear past my own performance. If others like it, then I'm happy :) I love your comments; always well thought-out and considered. +1
& you consider this NOT spot on ??
Damn man, that's it - i'm giving away my basses… ;) ;)
I love it !!
April 15 2015 23:41:59
mpointon Thank you, Nuno. It's not spot on because it just seems to get messier to me as the track progresses and I can hear timing problems which only I can probably hear. It starts out well and I'm really happy with that.

Also, if I'm honest, I can't help it. I always expect the impossible from myself. It's annoying for others, but I'll just rest on my laurels if I don't think I can do better. I need certifying!
April 16 2015 00:25:13
nuno1959 No worries - to some degree we all are ''certifiable'' !! :D
In the best possible way methinks.. ;)
Nicely done.+0
Very nicely done+0

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