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Most here can play music to some degree. Some can tell stories. Fewer still can fill the listener with emotion. Man have you got it.+6
April 14 2015 19:29:13
Liesching Thank you very much for this outstanding compliment, Wade. Very grateful. Lookin forward to your next one (because btw: you´ve got it too :)) +5
April 14 2015 22:03:20
Wade Too kind. I just jam along and ride the coat tails of creators and composers like you. +2
I make sure I am sitting in a comfortable chair before listening to you Liesching as I know it is going to be a wonderful listening experience. So best to be comfortable as well :) :)+3
April 14 2015 07:17:50
Liesching Thank you very much, Rob! I am really glad you like it:) +1
You are my favorite therapy, really!
Marilyn sang "I wanna be touched by you, by you and nobody else but you" and she just talked to the President, of course she did not know you!
You are very Poum'poum'Pee Doo !
April 13 2015 22:02:14
Liesching Merci bien, Monsieur le président! :) +0
You amaze every time! Sensitive and harmonic playing! Very good! :)+2
April 13 2015 21:58:07
Liesching Thanks Marc. Happy when you´re around for a listen and like it! :) +0
sweet delicacy ! like waterdrops on fresh sap green leaves :) pitty it's so short !+2
April 13 2015 21:57:16
Liesching Merci bien, OliV! :) +1
April 14 2015 07:13:48
Liesching Last hugs usualy are short :) +1
Not sure if I will ever be able to jam with one of your songs, but I sure love to listen to them. Such beauty! :)+2
April 13 2015 21:44:41
Liesching Thanks Milachica, I´d love to hear your pro sax on one of them. I am on your fab Spookhuis piece right now :) +1
up to your usual high standards, Marc. thank you for posting it.+2
April 14 2015 13:39:54
Liesching Thank you Paidra! :) +1
Es ist immer wieder eine neue Erfahrung der Seele die nie genug bekommt von allem das ihr Hoffnung und Freude wie dein Spielen hier, Marc+2
April 17 2015 09:54:56
Liesching Vielen lieben Dank, Marianne! :) +1
April 17 2015 11:26:10
Marianne You are most welcome, Marc! :) +1
April 22 2015 22:54:06
R1772 Wunderbar geschrieben, Marianne..das ist (für mein Gefühl) längst nicht bei allen modernen Pianowerken so. +2
April 22 2015 23:17:04
Marianne Darum hat Marc ein besonderes Musikalisches Talent von Gefuehl in seiner Seele, nicht wahr?! :) +1
Classy,well composed,balanced structure,perfect timing and great sound,what can I say : a bunch of thumbs!+1
April 13 2015 21:45:57
Liesching Thank you John! Hope we can do something together soon :) +1
Grossartig! Nur leider zu kurz ;) Die Aufnahmequalität ist spitze! :)+1
April 13 2015 22:05:43
Liesching Danke Dir adu! Ja machmal habe ich nur ein Thema im Kopf und dann denke ich, dass alles weitere das Thema zerstört... Dadurch wird´s manchmal etwas kurz, und nicht so ideal zum jammen. I know... :) +1

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