Sharks in The Reef (Drums Bass Gtr)

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Here is the happening (from me), it keeps open for all if you pass this remix!
Have made this track some time ago and play a kind of duo between Mike Stern and Robben Ford.
And Martin is on the drums, it becomes real.
I've just paste the guitar and BASS (I had to precise "sequencer" sorry) tracks already recorded


This is good Tof, kudos man !!+2
Really nice Tof. Not overplayed. Just right!+2
April 14 2015 01:30:54
Tofzegrit Merci +0
Can really hear the Stern influences, Tof. You've really got his tone and style down. Your bass and guitar add have completely vindicated my choice of drum patterns. The bass line fits perfectly. Thank you! I feel *much* better now about this track! :D+1
Killer !!!+1
Love it Tof, crazy subtle guitar tone and riff, hate it when guitarist is such a good bassist also haha (:+1
April 13 2015 22:42:01
Tofzegrit lol. Many thanks man.
I played more bass before meeting real good natural borned bass players here! And you're one of them Orlandu.
Real nice+1
great tone :) cool jam Tof superb played+1
April 13 2015 23:28:51
Tofzegrit Merci Fresh,
and 2 tones Indeed (a kind of dialog between Robben Ford & Mike Stern, as there will be one day a duet with Fresh/Tof :) )
April 14 2015 18:30:41
AirFlow :) +0
Great Strings, Nice surprise to hear your bass with mike ford and robben stern :) could be Roscoe Back or Anthony Jackson... Very nice track! realy enjoy it :)+1
April 14 2015 00:22:30
Pit Brett
Tofzegrit Merci Pit... Sure the drummer is Martin:) +1
this works for me from you both Tof and mpointon :)+0
April 13 2015 22:46:59
Tofzegrit That's cool Shi!
Thanks for the listening and hope you'll not still sick too much longer... (not sure about my English.
Take care
I used to be pretty into Robben Ford..saw him a few times too..Definitely resembles his style...Cool+0
April 14 2015 02:08:48
Tofzegrit Hey Fish! Thanks for the listening and what a comment, I think the tone I use is the secret because I'm so far from him but like his stuff (when it's not pure Blues and when He doesn't sing!! exepted "Busted Up" ! +1
April 14 2015 02:10:43
Fishinmissio LOL..I bought tickets to see him when he kinda switched his style..Was dis-appointed..Wanted to hear the ol bluesy stuff.... +0
April 14 2015 02:13:10
Tofzegrit He manages very well his audience, one for you, one for me :) +1

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