Nighttime is my time

Remix step #2 (playing)
New Zealand


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The first in a bunch of exercises to get me re-acquainted with my cheap Chinese sopranino that I'll be taking traveling. Not the best sound, but hopefully otherwise OK. My thanks to pkliesch for this wonderful track...sorry about running over some of your lovely lines.


April 19 2015 15:02:25
nuno1959nuno1959 Sure am looking forward to have this ''instrument of sweet torture'' ringing near my ears..
Regardless what you wrote below, this sounds superb !! ;)

+1 April 19 2015 22:41:21 nuno1959Wade
Too kind. We'll see. At times can be am (out of tune) screaming banshee. Just working on the slow melodic stuff right now.
April 17 2015 21:40:04
woXeywoXey oh man.. this should do the me..;) very good sounds my amigo.. ! very enjoyable tune.. great! :D
+1 April 18 2015 11:51:10 woXeyWade
Unless you come up with a real sax when I visit, this is going to have to do. We'll make it work...whatever it is.
April 17 2015 21:03:54
UloisiusUloisius gorgeous add from you wade ... i love it ;o)
+1 April 18 2015 11:49:53 UloisiusWade
Thanks Uli. Such a beautiful template, how could I go wrong?
April 17 2015 18:54:44
GuadañaGuadaña Your Chinese sopranino sounds good!! Great add, and great playing Wade!!!
+1 April 18 2015 11:49:17 GuadañaWade
Very kind of you to say. It's not as nice to play as my others. Not a good idea to take an expensive instrument on the road. Will take a bit more work to iron out the intonation.
April 18 2015 11:57:57 GuadañaGuadaña
That's right, but I love expensive stuff, I've got a lot of guitars, most of them are trashy guitars, but I love them :)
April 17 2015 17:30:17
SlonMusicSlonMusic Liked a LOT!!
+1 April 18 2015 11:47:35 SlonMusicWade
Thanks Steve. Still got my eye on dong damage to some of your tracks...
April 17 2015 16:32:02
pklieschpkliesch Beautiful and sensitive playin', Wade. Thank you so much for this addition! 😃
+1 April 18 2015 11:46:56 pklieschWade
Totally inspired by you. What else can I say? Since it's a "practice" for me on this little instrument I wasn't as respectful as I should have been...and ran over some of your fine lines. Apologies.
April 18 2015 22:08:33 pklieschpkliesch
I feel honored by any addition of you. Feel free to "practice" over all of my tracks 😃
April 19 2015 12:34:23 pklieschWade
Thank you!
April 17 2015 15:22:53
cschlotecschlote Nice ;-)
+1 April 18 2015 11:44:40 cschloteWade
Thanks cschlote! Appreciate your listen and comment.
April 17 2015 09:35:10
LieschingLiesching Such sensitive playin. Warm and soft treat of this beautiful template of bro Pat. Again: You give me new meanings of this instrument. Thank you, wade!
+1 April 17 2015 09:38:21 LieschingLiesching
Plus of course: playlisted! :)
April 18 2015 11:42:38 LieschingWade
Truly honored.
April 17 2015 07:11:09
FishinmissioFishinmissio So nice ..has your voice most definitely
+1 April 18 2015 11:41:38 FishinmissioWade
I guess it should sound like me?! Thanks Mark.
April 17 2015 06:54:36
KeitonKeiton So beautiful !!! :)
+1 April 18 2015 11:40:30 KeitonWade
Thanks Keiichiro! Glad you like.

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