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Nice template from Danalyze, laid-back yet punchy and raw. And long! Went for a heavy half-time feel rather than flat out to then pick it up as the main riff comes in - keep it steady and dead-ahead. Seemed to suit the piece better.

No idea what was up with my left foot today - double pedal just didn't flow, as if different people were operating it! Ah well. Enjoy.


I like it. Man is it looooong! LOL+2
April 17 2015 18:22:38
mpointon Lol, I didn't notice until I put it in Reaper and started adding markers. They went on and on and on! +1
good sound and play:)+2
Hahaha....I didn't realize the intro was like a minute long and when I was recording the rhythm guitars I came up with the final "solo" section and next thing I was like 7:00 minutes long :) :) Can you say "Album Rock">?+1
aside from all that....what an awesome drum addition. I hear you on the left foot thing. That intro I played has a LOT of bad bad bad notes that I had to savagely try to save with bends, slides and other magic. Many still came out though.+1
Fine track from Danalyze made better. Well done!+1
Nice lines, lovely tones !!+1
Fits Nicely!+0
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