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What? He's posted 96 bars of just 8th notes on a hi-hat (well, a 2-bar recording copied and pasted!)? Has he gone mad? Possibly... Just a bit of Friday/weekend silliness.

*This is open to all Wiki drummers*

There's 96 bars of time (plus the 2 for the count-in). This allows for six drummers playing 16 bars each.

- Take the next available 16 bars (only 16) and play whatever you want. Just remember we're hopefully making a template here.
- Upload it and then ...


sounds like a cool idea. looking forward to hearing what comes of it...+1
haha, that's a cool idea.... maybe I will join this one too... I got a simple setup here myself.... :)+1
April 17 2015 16:30:06
mpointon It's open to anyone as long as they contribute drums! +0
April 17 2015 16:33:58
Marceys I got a drumset here, but think I will leave it the the real drummers.... +0
April 17 2015 16:36:00
mpointon Sequenced drums are allowed! :D +0
April 17 2015 17:18:29
Marceys no, I have a e-drum kit of Yamaha here... no sequence... +1
Hummm... this will take some thought as to what will sound cool with it ;)+1
Good Idea and challenge for the
"Poom Poom Tchak ts ts tss tssch Poom Tcha Poom Poom Tcha kata bom Ks Ks Psschhh" family
Potatopataplaka Psssssssssssssssh
Let's see! great idea=))+1
What a neat idea!+1
Oh and don't listen to this track from beginning to end. In some countries I think it counts as torture!+1
Great for warming up...thanks+1
Should prove interesting to follow & see what develops...+1
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