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... Ok, I don't think I burned many calories myself, making this track ;) Though I used a sequencer to make this track, I labeled it as 'drums' because they actually sound like drums to my ears.


cool drum sounds there M :)+1
Ah yeah, funky groove!+1
Great jam track...+1
frisky! :)+1
OK perfect drums. Incredible sequencer!!+1
I wouldn't know the difference except that it is an "El Perfecto" ... nice track ;)+1
Superb programming! Really great beats.+1
April 18 2015 08:53:45
Milachica Thanks! You know, I really don't like synthetic saxophones, and I can imagine it's not perse nice for drummers to hear programmed drums. But I guess I'm just a frustrated musician who wished he learned drumming in stead of blowing in bent metal tubes ;) +1
April 18 2015 20:53:58
mpointon I have no problem with programmed drums if they're programmed well or used imaginatively to do what drummers can't. This is great. +1
April 18 2015 20:55:41
mpointon The only problem I have with them, per se, is that it's getting very hard to tell the difference with these apps like EZDrummer. And it cause people to expect humans to be as precise as machines. +2
April 19 2015 21:21:45
Milachica I wonder if that's really true. I thought the succes of certain apps lies in the fact that they managed to put in the 'human feel' which they copied by studying the irregularities real drummers put in their playing. +0
April 19 2015 21:25:02
Milachica Anyway, nothing beats a real drummer ofcourse, no doubt about that. I love it when a drummer counts in a jazz tune @230bpm, and we end @250 :) +1

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