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Psycho697 jams Supporter
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Tof warned me about Marcey's stuff and getting hooked. I was just playing around but this seemed ok. By no means am I a bonafide funkster thus the title.


April 23 2015 00:30:32
Nice track!:)
+1 April 23 2015 00:32:56 akethesnaker Psycho
Thanks ake... very different approach for me on this... scary ;)
April 23 2015 00:36:04 akethesnaker akethesnaker
Yes but that is how to learn things, do different things outside the box:)
April 20 2015 02:54:29
Were using what effector? Cool sound, nice playing Psycho :)
+1 April 20 2015 05:42:41 Keiton Psycho
Thanks Kei... used the G5 on this. :)
April 18 2015 18:34:10
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good Psycho:)
+1 April 19 2015 02:59:55 Lenny Cowler Psycho
Appreciate the words Lenny !!
April 18 2015 16:10:08
sounds great guys...nicely done from track.
+2 April 18 2015 18:02:03 glennp Psycho
Thank you glen... yes it is a cool track indeed (at least before I got a hold of it) ;)
April 18 2015 15:34:00
Pit BrettPit Brett
very fine guitar-add :)
+1 April 18 2015 18:00:09 Pit Brett Psycho
Thank you very much !!
April 18 2015 13:13:29
Great Psycho!!!! Sounds really cool mate!!
+1 April 18 2015 13:14:51 Guadaña Psycho
Thanks G, I'm exploring now ;)
April 18 2015 13:15:58 Guadaña Guadaña
Exploring is the key man
April 18 2015 12:48:16
If we only played stuff we "know" then I'd probably not play at all. I think you did good. I liked the last bit from around 1:28 onwards - I think that by that time you really had the "funk" worked out :)
+1 April 18 2015 13:13:54 TeeGee Psycho
Thanks, you're a pretty smart guy TG... once again you nailed it :) Yup, I was getting into it as I went. I uploaded the first take, because it was the best one, which usually is the case ;)
April 18 2015 11:13:35
Love it! Great sound and playing! and thank you for joining! gave it a right twist ;)
+1 April 18 2015 12:43:27 Molber Psycho
Molber, it was your track that got me all wound up about this ;) I thought, ok the rhythm is laid down so why not give it a shot :)
April 18 2015 14:11:31 Molber Molber
I´m glad you did ;)
April 18 2015 10:49:15
Me seems we have a new hot funky player!! Great Psy 👍👍👍 nice fusion!!
+1 April 18 2015 12:41:08 frankyguitar Psycho
Hi franky, thanks. Well I'm digging it, no doubt about that. Rock is automatic for me, while I had to put some work into this (restraint mostly). Didn't want to kill it with my input ;)
April 18 2015 12:49:25 frankyguitar frankyguitar
I think you have also a funky feeling... it runs in your blood.... 😎😎 and for me is ALL music heavy work... That's your behalf...😋😋
April 18 2015 13:08:09 frankyguitar Psycho
I'm simply getting older and trying things I thought I never would, but then I found this place and it opened up a whole new realm I never dreamed possible.
April 18 2015 09:14:46
Funky guitar Psycho! Funk and rock blends easily! Though I think your guitar is more funk than rock in this track! Cool work! :)
+3 April 18 2015 12:35:50 Marceys Psycho
Thank you Marceys, you can't imagine the fun I had with this. I've been wanting to try some different things here at wiki, and after hearing Molber's track I gave it a whirl :)

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