9/11 never again

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The world is a battle ground whether you want to be involved or not 9/11 proved that. "War is not the answer", always like to see those bumper stickers .That is just what your enemy wants you think .


Great track and great playing, Drumshticks.

Sadly it's best I don't pass too much opinion on the 9/11 bit. I knew people blown to their maker by the UK mainland bombings the IRA did in the '80s/'90s, an organisation which the USA actively funded at the time, backing them as some kind of 'freedom fighters', so I kinda struggle with it. I was also resident in the USA when the twin towers fell (Marlborough, Mass.) and it was one of the scariest days of my life. So I agree. War is never the answer! No matter which military horse you back, it's probably the wrong one in some way or another!

Politics is best left out of music here! And on that front, you rocked arse. I want your double pedal/bass drum skill! Please!
April 22 2015 21:25:02
Drumshticks DW 7000 pedal drilled the mallet out reducing a bit of weight .My acoustic kit is much more fun playing double bass on .I should buy some mikes and run into my Tascam .As I have mentioned to Åke,the world I grew up in is vagely the same .Societal, cultural and political but bedrock values that my country was foundationed on is but gone .For myself ,it is what lines up with my faith as a believer in Christ . As the Muslim intertwines there faith into the same three foundations .I do the same as follower of Christ .Ravi Zacharias Frances, Shaffer and Charles Stanley are great influences .Thanks for keen critiques. D +1
Kick ass drums! Thank you Mr. Sticks. What makes this country great are the freedom's we have as a nation. With that said, I push no politics. I am just a musician expressing my feelings through my music.+1
April 22 2015 21:03:37
Drumshticks Man what a track was blown away even more
with the remix .Glad to join in .Progressive rock love it.D
Cool Drum line and I agree about 911+0
And, incidentally, this has a real whiff of the early Quake game soundtracks. Blinding playing. Really top-draw.+0
Nice one shticks !!+0
Staggering....from both of you. This is TIGHT and HEAVY! :) Love it.+0
April 22 2015 21:05:00
Drumshticks I think AC needs to take the bow here .D +1
Great job guys!+0
Fierce jam, fierce fricken jam, no need for tanks, song like this batter the Isis jokers into submission. They want their prophecy fulfilled. Think that time soon be coming+0
April 22 2015 21:32:47
Drumshticks If snare rolls were bullets I would wear the heads out on my kit .Soon enough their little hyped up want to be Nazi debatury will end being judged by their true creator .D +0
If it was any heavier, I'd be crushed to death just for listening. Killer beats!+0

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