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Oh boy, i think this is the only type of traffic jam i want to be in, definitely !!! Gorgeous template/mix by Tofzegrit & Mpointon, i realise didn't do it full justice but the vibe is there & after a bit of polish, those ARE the bass lines i'd do !! It was such a blast jamming along.. Thanks guys & hope everyone else enjoys this ;)


Great Mr 1959 ! now it's a Jam in the traffic. Thanks for coming here to put your sound on Nuno.+3
April 19 2015 11:24:42
nuno1959 I wish there was traffic like this !! I'd be there everyday… ;)
Glad you enjoyed it Tof, thank you for a super exciting template !!
God I love your sound, Nuno! What do you process your bass with? I hear chorus but what else?+2
April 19 2015 01:38:26
nuno1959 Glad you do !! ;)
It's a T.C.Electronics Nova System, a guitar multi FX board that i have used to build my own patches, tuned for my basses.
In this case i play my bass EQ flat, PU's are blended 60bridge/40 neck then it goes through a compressor & a chorus patch + a tiny bit of EQ
I record the whole in GarageBand where i add a touch of Ozone5 comp. & EQ to the master track mix !! Makes it a bit punchier ;)
April 19 2015 01:43:20
mpointon Erm... Yeah, I know what you're talking about! This track reminds me of an early Stuart Hamm album I used to own! Love your sound, originality and playing. Never stop! +2
April 19 2015 01:44:28
mpointon Although I remember a band I used playing where the guitarist had a TC G-System pedal board. I swear in its spare time it's used to control the UK air traffic control! +2
April 19 2015 01:57:12
nuno1959 This tune sure is a hell of a rocking/funky vibe that i love..
That G-System is the same processing engine as my Nova but the Nova has an extra analog drive section :
The fx's this thing makes being crystal clear + the EMG 35DC & preamp on my bass is what gives this texture to my tone i suppose.. & live it's even better !!!!! That bass slam in your body, you know ? :D
April 19 2015 02:08:18
mpointon It's such a rich sound. Powerful choruses but with another component I can't describe. I like to think I know my effects but your sound has a 'something' about it I can't put my finger on. +1
April 19 2015 02:16:41
nuno1959 I think that part might be my bass+strings i use & the fact i play w/ a big thick plectrum !
This bass just sings man, trust me, NO artistry on my part, it's uncanny… ;)
April 19 2015 02:18:39
mpointon The one bit you don't mention is the bass you play? +1
April 19 2015 02:36:31
nuno1959 ….LOL….Obviously not thinking straight…. :D :D
It's a 4 string Spector ReBop zebrawood, upgraded to EMG 35DC pu's & 18V EMG BQC preamp + D'Addario nickel round wounds .45 to .105
I absolutely love it, the sculpted body makes it superbly comfortable to wear/play & on top of it, it's a tone MONSTER i bought off some local web classifieds for £500
Check out Hingstler here, he plays a ReBop w/ a MusicMan pickup configuration ( another tone character.. ) & he has some mighty fine bass pieces
April 19 2015 02:40:34
mpointon Yeah you got me now! No idea about the bass, understand the bit about EMG pickups and D'Addario strings but that's about as far as my knowledge stretches! :) +1
Funky-Rocking style nuno!:)cool track!, nice energy!;)+2
April 19 2015 13:35:32
nuno1959 Hey Pico, thanks !
Glad you enjoyed it m8 !!
Pure fun,genial nuno+1
April 19 2015 02:07:12
nuno1959 Glad you got that fun vibe Ivax, gracias my hermano ! ;) +1
Well played nuno like it+1
April 19 2015 02:08:40
nuno1959 That template/mix just COMMANDED me to play this !!
I was powerless.. ;) ;)
Great tone balance !!+1
April 19 2015 04:01:32
nuno1959 Glad you enjoyed it Psy, thanks ! +0
Nice one Nuno :)+1
April 19 2015 04:01:56
nuno1959 Appreciated Piper ! ;) +1
nice jam Nuno :)+1
April 19 2015 05:25:18
nuno1959 Thanks man, glad you liked it !! +0
cool stuff here ;)+1
April 19 2015 05:52:29
nuno1959 ;) Thanks Sis !! Glad you liked IT ! +1
you always delivers a great add and interesting atmosphere:)+1
April 19 2015 11:23:12
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks Lenny, glad you had fun !! +1
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