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Easily your hardest template yet for me, Marc. A proper beast, especially with the three very distinct sections, one of which involved half-time. Jazz is by far my weakest area. I opted for a traditional jazz ride pattern throughout but reinforced it with a phrased backbeat for your main riff. The initial part is a bit wooden as it seemed to take me a while to settle into the groove. The other two sections were very challenging, opting to just keep the ride going and punctuating your (pushed you meanie!) keys. The last section was just a half-time jazz pattern.

I recorded the different sections separately so the joins aren't perfect but I've done my best with them. This was hard to do well. Thank you for the challenge, Marc and I hope it's how you imagined.


July 06 2016 19:57:23
Ernie440Ernie440 This is great, super jazzy drum add, I should have said something sooner as I jammed on this for cryin out loud. Good job Martin!! Tricky stuff, no doubt...

July 05 2016 08:05:05
DickDick just discovered this collab tonight... awesome job guys...!!

January 18 2016 13:45:27
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great one! :)

June 29 2015 13:22:41
JMB65JMB65 Another nice one from Marceys (applause everywhere) and mpointon's good Drum-Playing!

May 06 2015 10:18:16
LieschingLiesching Finally dicovered! Great one, M!

April 20 2015 13:31:50
CarpenterCarpenter great style, super fit for this song

April 19 2015 23:05:50
WadeWade Yea, each of us has their own technical stuff to work out. If the end result is OK that's all that matters. This works so well.

April 19 2015 21:27:58
MolberMolber great playing and sounding real good! Good work mpointon!!

April 19 2015 20:44:10
jimkaroljimkarol Good One M:)

April 19 2015 20:14:21
nuno1959nuno1959 I know, i know… i've said often but must say it again :
This Wiki place is uncanny good !! The musos posting here, the variety of genres, the QUALITY of all of it & best of all, one learns as one listens/has fun….
What else can one hope for ? ;)


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