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Tryin some diferent stuff here..Marceys got that chord change thing keepin me I like the drums mpointon and that part at end Marceys plays


July 04 2016 19:56:49
I like that very much Mark, and I think I understand the idea behind! Great sax buddy!

July 04 2016 17:07:34
Hey Mark, super sax,great sound:)

August 12 2015 20:34:29
Very good. I'll work on a fretless bass track for this. :)
+1 August 13 2015 00:32:26 Schlyder Fishinmissio
Bring it..:)
April 20 2015 21:16:45
You nicely plugged into the mode/mood of this. OK to be "up front", but then you take on the position of soloist. No good doing this if you aren't in there playing most of the time. Part of where you put yourself in the mix is deciding what your "point of view" is. Are you backing or soloist?
+0 April 20 2015 21:47:12 Wade Fishinmissio
Actually...I was hoping someone would join in as a solist with me. Or if someone could do a remix..turn up the drums as solo where I am not playin and turn up Marceys piano towards the end. Just the way I thought I'd do it...Easy to see whay peeps think I'm too much out front
April 20 2015 23:09:33 Wade Wade
Not buying it. A series of solos has cues where you've taken up a complete section then leave the next section. You've got complimentary filler lines, that's not a solo. The volume/position in the mix says says solo though, but not followed through. Mixed messages.
April 20 2015 23:15:32 Wade Fishinmissio
Oops..I never read the rules
April 20 2015 23:26:09 Wade Fishinmissio
Ya gotta remember.. I am a Dummy!
April 21 2015 02:02:22 Wade Wade
Just a matter of informal conventions...the things others will understand as clues. Always good to have an idea of where you want to be in playing music...fillers? backing?, horn section? soloist? Also a matter of how a listener hears you. If you're not clear about what you're playing they will generally not know what to make of it. All about communication.
April 21 2015 03:36:12 Wade Fishinmissio
Well..I kinda like it when others join in..Yeah..maybe I shoulda mentioned something about others joining in. I didn't learn the part where nobody else could know...solo or back...
April 20 2015 13:33:27

April 20 2015 10:49:29
Very nice

April 20 2015 02:12:20
cody trippcody tripp
Very cool

April 19 2015 23:39:26
Good play and I think your sax sound is great! Maybe it's a bit to far in front of the mix, this way its standing on its own.... Got to blend a bit more.....your playing is very good! :)
+1 April 19 2015 23:42:03 Marceys Fishinmissio
I am definitely lacking in my mixing skills..
April 19 2015 23:48:03 Marceys Marceys
Well, i have never mixed a sax so can not say much there! And it's only a small thingie... Your mix allready sounds great....
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