Never give up

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...added bass and tried a little different mix. Still room... ;)


May 07 2015 21:03:24
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Its got great feel. Well done everyone up the tree - Carpenter/Mark/Martin/Marceys

April 23 2015 20:43:37
MolberMolber fab bass add, real good!
+1 April 24 2015 11:42:29 MolberCarpenter
Thank you very much :)
April 21 2015 00:52:40
mpointonmpointon I've decided this tune would be how Take Five would've been if Dave Brubeck had forgotten to do it in 5/4 :)

April 20 2015 23:17:23
FishinmissioFishinmissio Better than I did...this sounds way better with your ad and adjustments. Thank you!
+1 April 20 2015 23:46:07 FishinmissioCarpenter
my pleasure. really love the jazzy lines, you did over this
April 20 2015 23:51:10 FishinmissioFishinmissio
Well I am certainly alot of ways..but the wonderful people here at Wiki kick me in the butt when I need it...and I really appreciate it bein an old player that quit 40 years ago. There's more
April 20 2015 22:00:37
RickplayerRickplayer nice add well played

April 20 2015 21:39:05
MarceysMarceys Great bass Carpenter! You have a very cool line and feel in your play! Think the mix became better too! The sax is in a good place too! Great job!
+1 April 20 2015 23:58:33 MarceysCarpenter
Dank je wel! This jam has a great feel. Love it :)
April 20 2015 19:22:04
mpointonmpointon Very nice! Great bite to the sound too which helps it cut. Really suits the track! Did you put a tiny doubler on the drums? Sounds good. :)
+1 April 20 2015 23:45:21 mpointonCarpenter
Thanks! You´re right; there is a litte (unintendet) doubling happening esp. in the middle/at the end of the song.
I had to take your and Finishimo´s mix and align it in my DAW to get sound levels where I wanted them to be,
but could not achieve it 100% accurateley.

Hope, its not too distracting - I really like this song. :)
April 21 2015 00:03:09 mpointonmpointon
It's not. I didn't notice it until the quiet section!
April 20 2015 19:04:31
davebeedavebee love it!!!!!!!

April 20 2015 18:23:16
cody trippcody tripp Very Cool

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