Bell Is Ringing feat. Anne Cozean+

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I know the song is good as it is...i played a simple Nylon guitar line..hope is not to much...awesome mix from BigDaddyCee - thx for this amazing song
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unplugged, Pop


that opening string sequence still gets me!
i love your beautiful guitar pattern, FF - just lovely in its truthful simplicity. 1:34 - so nice! 2:27 - pretty pluckage! wonderfully uncluttered embellishments throughout. your line is mixed just perfectly!! big bravo there. :) your timing just slays me - i love what you do to complement Cee AND me -:) wonderful decisions as to when to come in and shine. LOVE IT! (my sister - who's very beautiful ;) sang the lower harmony - thank you, Marty)
April 22 2015 18:34:17
AirFlow thank you Anne +0
Brilliant !! Reminds me of something Kansas would do.+1
very good Fresh:)+1
toll :)+1
i am speechless..+1
Fantastic add not to much not to little perfect fit and I agree with cody Kansas for sure+1
This is a fantastic add. Hard to imagine it was possible to find room or a sound that would compliment. so well done.+1
Super add! Fits perfect. Great playin' ;)+1
Fabulous - real beauty in the simplicity of the add that shows a masterful touch!! :)+1
July 18 2015 10:50:17
AirFlow thank you :) +1

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