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To say my technology has not been on my side today is an understatement. Having done a record (for me) 8 Loops today, one recording had static noise over parts of it and another the mics for the toms played up. And now this.

Having done this in one take, I find neither of my overheads actually bothered to record anything. And, it being late, I couldn't squeeze in another recording. So I took the ...


We're our own worst critics. It sounds *great*!+4
April 20 2015 23:44:34
mpointon For once I'm happy with the playing - the damn technology failed me this time switching off my overheads and I didn't notice until I'd finished the recording! :( +0
April 20 2015 23:49:32
mpointon I'm not making, excuses - honest! :) +1
Cool in deed+1
did not hear the first track, but the drums fits very good. I like it+1
agree with dannyk ;)+1
so busy, and still very good!+1
Good compliment to the hingstler's fine track.+1
As Dannyk said, we are our own worst critics !
In part it's great as it feeds the drive to get better BUT..
It also makes us focus on things which while yes, they ARE there, fact is more often than not they amount to little in the context of the tune/mix..
Personally i just LOVE what's being done here, period !!
I know what you mean by muddy but man, w/ a groove like this you could be recording it w/ a cellphone & i'd still be tapping my feet & diggin' it.. ;) ;)
April 21 2015 00:46:47
mpointon Thanks, Nuno. My frustrations are purely because I did what I thought was a good take, couldn't do another for neighbour reasons, to discover my interface had reset itself, turning off the phantom powered sockets to my overheads! I kicked myself all the way upstairs for not checking everything was as it normally is before recording! +1
April 21 2015 00:52:17
nuno1959 I know, it IS terrible : a sinking feeling !!
Sometimes my interface makes these clicks which disappear restarting it but i only realise it AFTER the track's been laid :O
April 21 2015 00:57:33
mpointon Oh yes, always the way. My interface has two XLR inputs on the front which are switchable with the jack sockets on the back. By default, it uses the jack sockets on the back and you can only switch them over using a piece of software. A piece of software which doesn't work on OS X Yosemite! So I have a windows laptop on standby just to do the switching when I need to reboot the machine.

Very boring and very annoying! I know my interface is quite old but it's very frustrating needing two laptops, one with Windows, just so I can change the physical input routing! As far as I can tell, the internal battery has finally gone which is why it forgets the routing when I power cycle it. Ho hum. All fun, eh?
April 21 2015 01:26:29
nuno1959 :D Loads…. +1
Still sounds way better than crappy drum samples or programmed grooves. It's all relative. Well played!+1
Cool track!+0
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