Laughing Moon Blues

Remix step #3 (playing)
New Zealand


Wade374 jams Supporter
+ 19
Very tweaked saxophone. Sounds like a demented harp or a kazoo on steroids. Great track...sorry about what I did to it. Must of had to pee or something as it's kind of rushed. Sax at beginning, middle and end.


November 05 2015 10:15:03
Well I like the edginess! And it's well played, on this great template!
big sax playing melancholic lines very cool :)

+1 November 05 2015 23:02:45 frenzie Wade
Thanks Frenzie. Kind of an experiment to see what those guitarist magic boxes can do for a sax. Trashed this lovely template a bit though.
June 26 2015 19:06:46
i want to be in your audience! excellent foundation from Neronick, beautiful Balfo guitar, and that steroid sax has very well defined muscles - i LOVED the sax pattern at 3:21 - sweet 'n slinky. i think this is the bee's knees!
+1 June 26 2015 23:35:09 AnneCozean Wade
Anne you are always so kind in your comments. I'm not so sure about this..kind of rough and loud...well, an experiment at best. You managed to find something that appealed you could compliment. You are such a sweetie!
April 26 2015 12:25:08
''…Must have had to pee or something…'' :D :D
Behind that cool, older, laid back & wiser guy feel you exude, you're a bigger nutter than i'll ever be !!
Love the playing, love the tones, LOVED the last few notes/air blowing out - keep them coming.. ;)

+1 April 26 2015 21:57:34 nuno1959 Wade
We'll find out soon who's the bigger nutter. Less than two weeks away...I'm counting the days.
April 23 2015 00:40:21
you gotta be the best kazoo player ever man!
+1 April 23 2015 21:52:34 kimbo Wade
Hey Kimbo. Wait till you hear the next one on sopranino. Screaming kazoo!
April 22 2015 10:50:09
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good Wade,very enjoyable add:)
+1 April 22 2015 22:42:01 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks Lenny. Well, it is a bit different!
April 22 2015 01:14:40
Anyway great blues template till now!!

April 22 2015 01:12:03
Ehi! It fits.. I can hear an electric guitar sometimes Wade.. Yes I can!;)
+1 April 22 2015 22:41:37 Anno_Nym Wade
It's a work in progress. I can hear the sound (headphones) while I play and it changes the way I hear and think of playing. This was my hearing Harmonica/kazoo with a bit of electric guitar lines. Not the way I'd normally think of playing.
April 21 2015 21:15:12
this is kinda slinky and kinda naughty and kinda got to like it :)
+1 April 21 2015 21:48:53 Shi Wade
For such a refined and respectable woman you kind of like the naughty side. Won't talk dirty to you, but will continue to play dirty. Respect!
April 21 2015 21:49:30 Shi Shi
April 21 2015 19:33:58
grat sax my friend!! brilliant add! :D:D:
+1 April 21 2015 21:46:37 woXey Wade
OK, you in for the weird and different! Too bad I can't bring any of the magic boxes with me. They don't work that well for live play anyway as the sax's sound is loud on it's own. Works in a very big space with a big PA though.
April 21 2015 18:12:58
Welcome Wade! I agree with your introduction. Sounds unique this sax :)
+1 April 21 2015 21:43:44 Neronick Wade
I love this track of yours. What's that saying...we only hurt the ones we love? It was so gentle and refined (for the blues). Then I come along and dump this trashy sound on top. Thanks for your understanding. Once again great respect for your track.
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